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Ed were back. Slurp slurp there guys there's obviously this is a special episode It's a milestone episode and because it's such a milestone episode we have to go with a guest that's essentially a living legend Were kind of super honored to have her here. She has done at all I mean anything from npr. Two books to journalism. This a special guest has done it all in don a perfectly right now. She has a new book of an alcohol. Once i was you a memoir of love and hate in a tournament ladies and gentlemen we have maria hinojosa in the house. Thank you so much. I'm great thank you so much for having me. It's great to be with. All of you have mentioned that we were that i was nervous. I'm like like this context. Carlos interim like mess up the introduction. Right i always worry about people being like. Oh my god. She's like an icon. Oh she's won so many words. And i'm like i'm like stop please. I never wanna be perceived to be like. Oh she's because i'm seri-. I mean the title of my book once i was you like the message is always like we are each other like we can do this. Like i've been where you've been like gone is like no not that we is so. I always get worried when people because i'm like really i'm like especially now during the pandemic when we're not in our studios i mean i'm i'm at home. I mean my dina's so spiel before it would have been a much more. comfortable with. Hindsight is twenty twenty. Don't worry the same as you can see exactly Speaking of like you said you know you want. Are you saying you. I once was you. Once i was used. Sorry you started podcasting. You know at a at a different time than we started. Podcasting can you maybe You know give us a little insight on how that was when you start especially you know again as a latina woman. Because there's there's now so many more latinas on podcast and radio and things like that type of journalism or you know things like that but like when you started there really. Wasn't you that you were breaking mold. Like out yeah. It's really it's really interesting. Actually the first women who i heard on the radio before it was called podcasting it was actually in mexico. Let's build these us aiden. And i think that planted a seed there were they. Were not definitely in the united states like there were no women. No latina's definitely nod on on the radio. Not at all. When i get to columbia barnard college and i started doing radio in new york city in the nineteen eighties. It was like the wild west. It was twitter. It was instagram. It People don't understand that people are like radio and it's no skin yet. Was you know there was television and like reruns and then there was radio that there is the newspaper. But you're not interacting with the newspaper. You're not interacting with the television but with the radio you were interacting and so that was. That was the experience that allowed me to believe that. I had a voice that maybe i could do this on the radio. And that's where you know. My career basically has launched. And i become the first latina hired. Npr and etc. i think in terms of podcasting. It's funny because when i launched my company fulltime media in eleven years ago people were laughing at me. They were like you're gonna do podcasting you're gonna do radio. You're going to do audio like nobody. Listens nobody's going to get. There's no future there. And as you know now i mata casting is kind of everything. It's sure we many of us you know love to watch. It said that netflix television. And we can take it anywhere on our ipads. But you don't wanna do that. Twenty four seven. There are times when you want people talking to you on what is used to be the radio which is now asking. You want that vibe and many shows are starting in mud casting and then ending up on a different medium. So i like i love it to say. It was the wild west because people would call in and so it wasn't twitter. You actually have to respond to them. Then try to mix gave us we were. We were doing college radio so it was me and me and that it was me and my friends and then he was like the phone would ring and you had the little lights that would light up and they would light up because we were in the studio so it wasn't ringing and you push the little button Orlando whereby consumer the mass w c r. And they'd be like wait. You may stay this. spend your meal. Put me spaniel we're like but we're students and we're we're trying to learn our spanish. That's why we're doing it in spanish. Don't you want support us and they'd be like well okay but you really need to like speak spanish. Because it's bad it was. It was twitter. Exactly they were replying section audio form. Yeah well thank you for that okay. Cool color did you. Did you guys sign up for duolingo. Or what then. What did that like. You're getting nothing. I'm single like i'm getting but i like you know what i mean like it was that do you feel like i've made you want to do it more. Yes we were making i. I hope it's a similar era to what letting us and letting us are living now in the nineteen eighty s. We were being hailed as like you know the decade of the hispanic but the united states government was sending military bombing aid to salvador nicaragua when or to make a war against nicaragua. And what my line on dude us. So they were bombing us literally. We were coming as refugees. The same kind of conversation about you know what we stand these refugees and meanwhile you know here in new york city The south bronx was on fire on purpose You know so it was a very. It was a time of a lot of activism and awareness. And for me as a young latina in college. I was all about like well. I m owning my latinos cells motherfuckers late. I am showing up. And i am not just mexican. I am here from my puerto rican brothers and sisters. I'm here from dominican brothers and sisters. I'm here for my argentinean chilean. A colombian because there were many refugees at the time. Also from that part of the world and and so it was It was about solidarity it was about really defining ourselves. And i really do hope that that's where we are again. I hope that you know that. Tina's of every generation are doing a reality. Check on every level are homophobia are anti-muslim. Are.

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