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Only make one pass one pass backwards in time and therefore you do not destabilize the time machine in other words time travel may actually be possible okay well let's move on to the next listener phone call dr kaku name is david from listening to w c h s whiskey charlie hotel sierra in charleston west virginia and my question to you is a assuming that one could and they alternate universe assuming one could travel in universe faster than the speed of light if one were to look in the rear view mirror what would one see what would want even be able to see the roof the american one see anything whatever these black and if one arrived at his destination and could run outside of his spacious and looking at telescope where he's enviable to see himself in the spaceship going backwards thank you appreciate appreciate your answer my question thanks well believe it or not some of these questions are answerable within einstein's theory of special and general relativity it turns out that yes there are scenarios where if you could outrace a light beam perhaps you could see yourself in the past there was one issue of superman that i remember when i was reading as a kid the planet krypton blew up of course and superman as a young boy was always curious as to what krypton was like and so he brought the light barrier and went backwards and saw himself he saw on as as it was before the explosion took place is that possible well unfortunately we have time but in my book parallel worlds i actually answer that question once again you've been listening to science.

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