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Ball right. They don't have a point guard. That's an extension of their staff to get their team into all the things that they need to do that or a successful and that's no fault of any player on the bucks. Drew holiday is not a point. Guard drew holidays a combo guard. He's basketball player and he's damn good at everything he does but they don't have somebody that can get this team into the sats and get them where they need to be like a chris. Paul and i did philadelphia atlanta's well they don't have it either. Ben simmons to me is not truly a point guard. So you having chris paul or john stockton or a magic johnson. These great point guards is invaluable. That coach doesn't have to call all the plays and look bud. Wants to give them freedom. We wants to give middleton to play one on jaanus and drew but one on one basketball in. The playoffs doesn't always work. I don't wanna glaze over the fact that janas plate right because it is pretty remarkable. You can go for twenty and seventeen a week after even. He admitted he wasn't sure if he was going to play for a year after that. Knee injury you obviously played and you understand exactly how this stuff works. How surprise you that he played in how effective he was. I'm stunned he played I apologize on the air last night to golick today because i said it was all fluff that they put him at questionable. Because i said there's no way he's playing He looked good. And it's a great positive sign for the milwaukee bucks that i think lack of aggressiveness was basically because he was tired. I don't think it had anything to do with the knee. And he said that after the game the niece l. great He is rhythm was off. Its timing and you know when you don't play for week of nba basketball riding. A bike is not going to have you in shape. He was tired. He was bending over a lot so he's just going to get better and better as long as nothing happens to the needs are great sign He was great on the boards. I thought he had great moments and For milwaukee it's a tremendous sign because he's going to be back the honest Hopefully for them here in the next couple of ballgames and it just shows you to like have you know athletes versus regular people. The rest of us would still crutches wrapped up probably need a week off from work where we sit for a living. He's back in an nba game a week later after an injury like that. Pretty remarkable stuff. Jv hit him straight as they say. Enjoy the heat. I like to curve it but thank you. Whatever works for you john barry. Espn radio mba analysts on the goodyear hotlines coming up the road to the nfl. Training camp continues j. Fourteen days away j. Fourteen day now is ej that his giants the g. men could be contenders this year. We'll ask him after. I tell you about indeed the reasons.

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