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Joining me now from saint petersburg florida is l tompkins senior faculty member for broadcasting and online at the poynter institute for media studies a nonprofit journalism school al welcomed on point before i get to you pam an ala ad liked to go back to this video because i want to make sure that our our listeners know what we're talking about we we use it a little bit earlier in the show timothy burke video editor video editor for the sports news in blob website website deadspin slice together footage of anchors at the saint clair broadcast group these television stations across the country they were reading the same statement about fake news and here's sound from that video that was posted over the weekend he'll media outlets publish the same fake stories without checking facts i the sharing of biased and false news paul to comment on i and the cacophony of voices goes on here's a little bit more from that deadspin montage of those anchors dangerous democracy this is extremely dangerous tower democracy this is extremely dangerous to our democracy this is extremely dangerous to our democracy is extremely dangerous to our democracy and al tompkins i want to go to you first extremely dangerous tour democracy the message from tv news anchors it seems almost ironic is this message dangerous tar democracy will so far you've called this a fake news message new called alarming and i think that's interesting that we would have a discussion about this in use words like that let me tell you what a top corporate official at sinclair told me this morning this message they called it an image spot basically a commercial was the product of a national survey of twenty two hundred news consumers including six and claire markets around the country and what they wanted to know is what viewers of local news are.

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