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And p r in wbur i meghna tucker bharti i'm robin young it's here now savannah georgia's mayors warning people to stay home atlantis emergency rooms are filling with hypothermia patients part of eitan outside tallahassee florida was closed down today because of a rare snowfall north carolina is in a state of emergency through friday because of the cold and there is a storm hitting the whole east coast today in tonight let's bring back meteorologist david epstein david you say new england will experience bombo genesis yes it's a term it's a meteorological term but explains a storm that rapidly intensify superstorm intensifies one noah bar per hour over the course of a day basically getting stronger lots of meter logical way to say a rapid intensification is another way to say it so we're going to experience the effects of a storm which is rapidly intensifying across the england and that same storm as you mentioned is bringing snow and ice all the way from a panel of florida up to main it's amazing icy winter storm watches and warnings from florida to main you don't see that very much no and and just before we leave my favorite word bumba genesis somebody said it sounds biblical because genesis is in there but it's also called up a bomb cyclone bomb hurricane bombo genesis is again just a term that explains rapid intensification so a hurricane could undergo bombo genesis a nor'easter can undergo bombo janice it's it's an adjective task ride the waves storms going to intensify okay will be looking for that but you know in florida disney world is already close some of its water attractions how cold you think it might get in florida yeah i was looking at the wind chill advisories which go almost down the entire panhandle which is pretty amazing an even in west palm beach for tomorrow morning when folks get up there the wind chills will be right around that thirty degree mark that's pretty cold for places that don't experience that kind of chill and around disneyworld tomorrow morning it'll be about freezing temperatures during the day thursday they're only getting into the 50s in the same thing on.

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