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Kessler shotgun cloudy sacks him just fought off the blocker and took the QB Dafur second second. Yes, that's true. He was fighting off a hold of bad hold by Josh Walker, but got through it and got the sack speaking of Saxons get the number seven. Because Whitney mercilus has been forced over the last six weeks where the sax wit where everybody asking me he's not playing. Well, what's not playing? I'm like wait a sec hold hold up because he hasn't gotten the sack doesn't mean. He's not playing. Well, he's been played very well. He's been playing the run exceptionally. Well, he's complaining coverage. Really well the Texans you're asking me to a million different things on defense because he can't do them. But he finally got back to the quarterback to get that sack. I know he was looking for. He did this in the second half with the left tackle Jaguars. Josh Walker and Whitney mercilus comes in at lucky number seven with the strip sack almost almost came up with the ball. But we'll give the sack fumble which showed up huge game on Sunday against the Jaguars offense. He had that sack. He had four tackles a tackle for a loss quarterback hit and two forced fumbles big day for which we'll hear more from Whitney and a little bit here. At number seven is a strip sacra Kessler half cafardo throat. Sack. Fumble Whitney mercilus strips it go it happened that fast to with blazing off the edge. Get number six third down and five play in the first half coming out from the shadow of their own goalpost Texans, bogged down a little bit on our drive head above third in five and the Jaguars pretty much all day. We're leaving. Jalen Ramsey on as he likes to call. It twenty land dot Riva silent. It's twenty land with the outer Hopkins and that can work for only so long look Jalen Ramsey. I've said this before wanna top five football players league. Take take that for not corners that he's one of the top five players in the league. Now, you read his mouth little bit. He talks a lot, and that's fine. Because every now, and again, he has something like this happen against them. And number six the Andrei Hopkins with the one hand left hand snag that you had to see to believe this. My friends was unbelievable Hopkins with the one hand catch right about now. Watch. It gets the snap airs.

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