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But I mean when I was a kid, I fully bought into it and thought I hated sit. I hated his door -able little bull terrier dogs. Good. Scud. Yeah. Kings Scud like their win in retrospect, I mean, there's so much about SIDS house. And the way his family operates that just implies that he is maybe neglected by his parents a little bit. And that he might be poorer than Andy's family. There's, there's a lot of weird code in going on with that family that just sort of translates to like very young kids, as like poorer kid with, like less attentive. Parents equals bad villain forever, which is such a horrible thing to imply like to any kids and also skull t-shirt. Well, I really see how the toys are formed by their owners are because early on when buzz hasn't really hide like Andy's room imprinted on him. He said from the window from across the lawns. And he's like that happy child. He sees said like destroying the combat Carl, and he's like that happy smiling child. And like that's kind of when I watched. It as a thirty year old and not at seven year old. I was like he's having a really fucking fun time with his toys. Yeah. Like he just like it seems like he's neglected to the point where he can have rocket ship to his room. But that, that, that's not his I mean, I think that there are some things in plaid where like you never see either of his parents other than asleep other than a slide soda surrounded by cans. There's a lot implied about his family when buzz sees the commercial for buzz light year. We know it is morning. But buzz walks into a.

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