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Is. Free talk live. You can find all of our episodes over at freetalklive dot com as long as they occurred in the past. You can't find future episodes because we have yet to figure out time travel here. Freetalklive dot com. But as soon as we do we will post star shows before we actually air them. What we have in fact done that on occasions like from forecast. I don't think we actually post them before. We air them though. No we don't but we have done the prerecorded thing but yeah time travel not yet. Don't worry we've got nerds working on it. So when we crack that code will let everybody know or will we. Perhaps we already have at any rate in the studio tonight. It's myself the reverend captain. Kick ass joining me. Joa and aria. We've been talking a bit about the vaccine passport and what it means and specifically we've been talking about what author naomi wolf has written about the vaccine passports and what it means to the state of liberty. She believes that it means the end of liberty as it. Is you know sort of been declining already. You know what's really scary. Is that so. Many people in the united states have no issue whatsoever with the thought of the government being able to track their location at all times slower. If you haven't done anything wrong. What do you have to hide the same reason. I closed my curtain. When i have sex quote edwards edward snowden here is that the point of privacy is to To keep your personality from strangers and if you review like when they can you if you can send to a search your car guess what the cops going to know everything about you in a split second. I kinda wanna keep that to myself. I wanna share who. I am with people. I care about not random people all of sudden we'll and it's really about choice. I only want to share some information with some people with other people. I don't want to share any information at all. And so i should be able to pick and choose which people and organizations i share any of my personal data with that. It is your information after all. It is and that doesn't seem to be the way things are taking place so we can talk more about that. We've got a couple of calls on hold. We'll get to in just a minute. But i wanted to tell you about any pay. Axs dot com. Everyone's always talking about by bitcoin by bitcoin. Well i'm sorry if that's boring as how how about earning some bitcoin. How about getting paid with it. That's the way it is money after all if you want to earn bitcoin at your business any pay x. Dot com is the way to do it. Your customers will love it. Everyone in town. We'll talk about your store being the bitcoin store your business being the bitcoin business and it's just fun. Get the free app and start. Earning bitcoin at your business visit any pay. X. dot com again any pay x. dot com. Let's go to max calling from colorado maxine freetalklive. I have a bad thing though. So we'll see we'll just because i was were you by chance be able to be able to interview dave smith at full says it's possible i mean if he's there out considering reach out to them maybe talk about the raid. That happened maybe he might find it very interesting at the moment. I can't talk much about the raid. That happened. I whoever can even though i wasn't here. So yeah we can. We can make that happen. What was your other points that you wanted to make possibly reaching out to tim. Pool as well No ari may or may not have connections with them. But that was something i wanted to mention. Second thing was vincent Bullets what a guy I if i were you i would. Just err caution. When it comes to vincent as some of the things that i've watched. This content was not very particular happy about how he spoke of you guys. So that's best. Vincent is a former host here on free talk live. He has his own show called questioning authority. That airs on saturday nights for any of you. Who need the background there You had mentioned something about the carolina reaper. What was that about how the after that for later not fun. Luckily i have a very fast metabolism. So i didn't have to deal with that long but the next day feeling at work its way through. My digestive system was supremely unpleasant like burned. Every step of the way like just sitting in my my small intestine or whatever just burning agony about what you can do absolutely nothing. The only way to do anything about that would be to have a surgeon. Cut you open and take out. Take it out for our listeners. Who don't know aria here did not only the carolina reaper challenge. But you had two of them. Yeah so it started with that. The one challenge right right. Just the chips of has lee made from carolina reaper. He people can watch it at youtube. Dot com slash met by one chip. And it's supposed to be the hottest chip you've ever eaten. Yeah but i a very high tolerance for what a spicy. So i was like. I'm not going to stop at just a chip. Maybe i won't be able to handle it. But i suspect i'm going to be able to. I want to go straight to the actual report itself. If i can handle the chip. Yeah the chip was fine. I can see why normal person would find despite a bit. I was not to be. But then i ate a carolina reaper and then i ate a second carolina reaper. Gargling milk and vomiting off of my front porch. Can't imagine i can't imagine max. Have you done this out. If i've ever eaten at the does pepper and when i followed it into my stomach and felt like a knife trying to like poke out of it i was like. You guys are super courageous. Thanks for the morning show goes. Peppers are would be my go-to pepper for not trying to kill myself. Also trying to have really hot and spicy food but really scotch. Bonnet is where i'm most comfortable at. Yes i. I'm not comfortable with any of that like if i get taco bell hot sauce. I'll bust a sweat. Call me white or whatever you like. But i m spies worse is many spicy. You know but like too much pepper spicy spicy and somebody like all. I did was used salt and pepper and a little too much pepper a little next time you. Yeah it's a it's a mid west thing do really well. It's very much a southern thing. At of the spiciness is as longer up eating jalapenos. they were afraid carr's snap. Yes i still do as i get older. I'm able to tolerate more spicy than i was when i was younger. Which is weird to me. But i'm still not at a level where i can go like if i order like thai food. And they're like how do you want what's your scale one five. Let's go one. I'm like a one. You know. I go make it like you. Were trying to murder me with spicy food and jamaican restaurant sauce called the murder. I was going to say you actually order. Something called murder sauce which is just beyond me odd. It's so good. I'm to try that. I can handle spicy show. You guys off airway. If i had like one four full of something that had murders i would begin raining. You know literally i would. Probably there'd be a puddle.

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