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Stuff like hey. You don't know about who we are. We're going to you know guerrilla crash starbucks that just interview a bunch of people and we'll buy coffee and danishes while we're doing it so let's just talk to people who don't know us and don't know what we're doing and i've seen our team kind of just been hanging out in the lobby as we visitors and they'll say hey. Would you mind just looking over this website and telling us what you think. And what's confusing about it. What you like about it and so there's some really easy ways where they go on. I don't know how to do all this stuff. just ask. hey i'm joe schmo plumbing company. Why did you reach out to us. Oh you google this and we just had good reviews. Okay that's great. You read the reviews or it was recommended by a friend and so i think just enquiring Y you bought from us. Is this such a great way to start figuring out. A lot of people are coming to us because of this reason less. Lean into that. Yeah and it's a great call out. Because i always tell the team like i don't wanna be well rounded necessarily. I wanna find what's working and just it's a lot easier to pour gas on a fire than we. Would you know like you're just not going to get as far so you know. In that example. It's a great call out because you may find that. Hey you're paying a small marketing agency to do some of this stuff. Your leads are coming in that way. Maybe they're all coming in through referral. So how can you make it easier for the people who love you already to refer you to other people or you may find that none of them are referrals. And they're all coming in through search or something it's like. How can i pour fuel on that fire. Like thinking about what's working and making sure your understanding how people are starting to love you and then pouring a lot more fuel on that is is a great way to go about it. That's awesome so for the small business owner out there who doesn't see themselves as a marketer right. They may not have a marketing team. They probably don't have a single person doing marketing. how do they go from either. People don't know who i am or i making money but i don't really i don't understand how to create that raving fan. What are some practical steps. That small business owner can take to start heading in that direction. Yeah well the good news is. You're already one step ahead of the game as a small business owner. Because you're still close enough to your customer. Probably a lot of you are still wearing the the chief everything officer hat right. Which means that. You're more in practice of understanding the entire system already. You don't have as far to go as maybe somebody at a thousand person company. That's doing this very specific thing over here. So the great news is you gotta start and then my encouragement to everyone would just be understand your entire system. Walk through it with fresh eyes as a customer you know. The fish can't describe why the waters wet like they're just in it so get outside talk to as many people as possible at the end of the day. This all is nothing to do with marketing. It just boils down to human emotion and empathy. And we're all human. So i think we can all figure that out so andy and summary. It sounds like as the small business owner. We need to care. It comes down to caring about the customer. Yeah i think. That's a great way to summarize. Wow we could have done this in one minute. But i'm glad we took fifteen. This has been awesome. I'm glad you're at the helm of all of our digital marketing. Really stewarding their relationship with our fans and customers to create raving fans and. I'm sure you created some.

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