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Forty one under the clouds at como at nine thirty six remote learning online school home instruction whatever you call it more than a million students in our state are doing their schooling from home these days it is uncharted territory for districts and students and their families here's almost Carly Johnson Seattle public schools superintendent Denise Juneau tales como they spent last week ironing out meal programs child care and now it's a focus on the actual instruction going to take some time for people to object to this type of new learning from patient is going to be required from very different experience Seattle has a YouTube channel S. P. S. T. V. channel twenty six on basic cable teachers on there posting videos doing everything from reading books to students exercise teaching music lessons I find it I miss Lasky eighth grade science teacher at a semester international middle school you know says they're still working with technology partners trying to secure laptops are Chromebooks for students who don't have them at home other districts like federal way of simply mailed home several weeks of working packets in your mailbox the real one not the email Carly Johnson komo news as you wait for your stimulus check the state Attorney General wants you to watch out for scammers trying to steal your personal information Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says the federal government will not ask you to confirm your personal information or banking details via email phone or text message or demand a processing fee to get or expedite your stimulus payment you get any such emails or texts he says don't click on any links in them and never give out your personal information that's almost Frank Lansing today's gnomish county will give an update on efforts to open in isolation and quarantine cited the angel of the winds arena in Everett the facility will house people who tested positive for gold in nineteen and are either homeless or cannot recover safely at home a shudder nursing facility will soon reopen to help free up hospital beds the state bought paramount rehab and nursing in Seattle for thirteen and a half million dollars that facility shut down last month the department so one health services is now working to find a new provider and hopes to have wondered at sixty five beds open by may for non coronavirus patients who need care many of our listeners have been asking questions about the pandemic como's Tammy Mutasa has been getting answers from the experts he was a popular question do the people they got the flu shot have any protection of the covert nineteen the answer from doctors protect your gets covered nineteen but it does protect you from the flu and the reality is we know that people can get things like implants I can't go back nineteen it's very rare it would be actually very dangerous the CDC says seasonal flu activity often starts as early as October and November and can continue as late as may in Washington doctors say they've even seen cases trailing into summer experts say it's still a good idea to get a flu shot to help lower the chance of getting influenza and severe flu symptoms and doctors say it also helps relieve pressures on hospitals and indeed with treating patients with COPD nineteen and Seattle making it even easier to help small businesses stay afloat under the state's restrictions the city launching a new tool yesterday in interactive map allows you to search for restaurants offering takeout or delivery the city asking customers to post pictures on social media with the hashtag support Seattle small biz we put a link to the map on our website komo news dot com just click on hot wings nine thirty nine sports and sixty seconds I'm mad do been founding attorney of the Dubin law group at times like these we're reminded just how precious the health and well being of our loved ones really is at the Dubin law group caring for the people of western Washington has always been our business well we can help with the corona virus we can.

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Como discussed on News and Perspective with Tom Hutyler

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