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I might what sub sit heads welcome back to another episode, high and mighty. It's me your boy, good number one. The number one. Fuck Johnny g joining me as always in the high and mighty studios is my nearly silent. Arthur Gabor's Arthur, give them shout out Arthur's in the other room because he just got his CBD treat. He's ready to kick it and relax. Also joining me in the high and mighty studios first time guests, but they know how to get invited on a podcast guys from the try it. You'll like it pockets. David Swick, and Winston Carter Hello lease extra coming. And as I was saying, listeners should heads, they know how to get invited on a podcast. They said, hey, can we make barbecue and come over and talk about barbecue? I was like, I don't even know who you fuck and people are, but to my house, ace. Sorry, I'm so we get into clubs to, I think you guys could be invited anywhere if you show up with this much smoke means. Not afraid too big to get on things. We want the things we wanna do you have requested dishes. Oh, cassoulet. We have source of lamb belly. Yeah. Guys, this conversation is like porno to me already. You're saying. So let's let's talk about your podcast, try it. You'll like it well plug it more at the end, but you guys have people on and if they don't like a food, you try to make several dishes using that food that would present it in a way. They might enjoy say that it's our guests riot food. They hate one last time and every dish that we supply for them has that component ingredient. We try to make a sweet thing. Yeah, if we can, if it's a non sweet thing, usually a savory sweet and it served in its raw form. And then sometimes we make six or seven things. Excited. It can be way too much stuff. Sometimes scared Winston's girlfriend with what I deemed egg plate was seven different types of plates. Plates. Does not like eggs. Well, how about we try in ways. Oh, that didn't work weird. Yeah, she left that still looking. But I love dinner. Yeah. Well, this all stemmed from you guys emailed me asking me be on your podcast and I don't think there's a food. I don't like. And you can find, I'm sure we can find one that I like raw tomatoes. I prefer not to eat, but that's like a weird thing to be like make me like raw tomatoes. We're just gonna budget, Taco Bell, holy shit, tomatoes by accident. Oh, is this a case of Reto tomato on this. Salt, but we're gonna talk barbecue today. Yeah, I'm a diehard fan of barbecue. But it sounds like you guys are fans, but also I think you Email me at eleven pm last night saying, we just put the meat in with came over PM to put the meat this on overnight. I got an Uber at ten thirty and was like, I have worked to do. Ships on like one of the morning, one thirty and there was up at seven to check Justice Christ, so happy. I mean, I feel bad. How much labor went into this? Do this routinely for ourselves. So talk to me how how do you guys get this into cooking or even what you just described for what you do for your podcasts seems like more than most people our age doing. It's also we made a mistake with our podcasts right off the bat. We made a big mistake mistake. All you have to do it by people over to talk about a topic. What we do is we have to plan a menu source, food cook, and then have it raised the go in time to serve on the show..

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