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On the home of the huskies komo news komo news time one forty one demolition work at hanford has been put on hold following a spread of radioactive contamination the try city herald reports some workers and portable offices at the hanford nuclear reservations plutonium finishing plant which are well away from the plants demolition zone were told to stay in their office trailers yesterday intel areas nearby were surveyed for radioactive contamination workers were being released from the offices as radiation surveys determined there was a clean round for them to get out of the administrative area without tracking and spreading contamination that might be on the ground officials say the contamination some of which was found on workers cars and pickups baby from the final demolition work on friday on the plants most contaminated area frank lenzi komo news a kits have county law enforcement task forces investigating a late night gun battle that left to bremerton police officers hurt in a man dead colors jennifer sullivan spoke with police in has more on the wounded officers and the investigation with to the hospital for gunshot wounds his family and colleagues by his side officer can't mayfield couldn't help but worry about the man who had just shot him the night of the shooting he was visibly upset that the suspect died he had great compassion for someone that had just tried to kill it keeps at county coroner identified the suspect has fifty two year old willy mcchord from bremerton i know that officer mayfield had had contact with him and it tried to help him get into a shelter and things previously and had really been instrumental in helping him in a statement mayfield family called him their hero quote if there's anything dad wishes might come from all of this it is simply that you will hug your own loved ones just a little bit longer and tell them how much they mean to you mayfield an officer alan makombe is found the man park near his ex his house early sunday which violated the terms of the protection order negotiation with wide open until.

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