Celtics, Bradley, Isaiah Thomas discussed on The Ryen Russillo Show - Hour 1


But i don't there's there's no are you can make your fits right say the celtics are fine losing avery bradley k the markets more sparing hor fridge weird there are bad rebounding team there's nothing right now that tells you they're going to be much better rebounding but there's still time and i go on sports in early morning and they're like what do you think now agarwal i still think there's a few weeks left of this whole thing is teams fitter figure out what those really cheap pieces will be because now there's like just so many teams that have spent so much money last couple of years is actually not as much money now it's finally happened they spent on it but if i said thomas is up next year and bradley's up next year a bradley could be a 20milliondollar year kinda guy and he's a heck of a player is inconsistent offensively he's great defensively but this is the celtics getting front of a financial decision that would very well could have left them getting nothing in return for bradley knowing that they had to figure out a way very quickly to get under the cap so it's not the headline i'm not saying oh celtics even better now and i understand what you're seeing with gordon hayward thing like are we really saying they're all we need them to do is be better than they were last year be closer to cleveland because the gap was gonna be closed in any way this offseason and david lease done that isn't this and other indication to on some sense that their buying all in on isaiah thomas next year i mean because like you said they can't keep both of them they weren't going to keep both of those guys on what they were going to cost next year so at some point we already said to the draft process when they traded down and that was already oncein a belief in isaiah thomas longterm whether you love her hate that at now you look at this this is another sign of belief and i say thomas whether you love hate that so i think at some point part of this process is also ria reality realitychek for celtics fans who are going to look at it and say hey this team is all lynn on isaiah thomas.

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