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Could see right away that this kid didn't know anything about flying kites he was going at it all wrongs he he probably wasn't used to pulling strings the way you are right. Why ankles over to him. And i says look sunny. I says you're flying that all wrong says and so i grabs a string out of his hand. Had no business doing that mcgee. It was his kite. I was doing it for his own. Good he wasn't lying at right. If more people did fewer things for the good of more people more people would like more people more. what happened. I let's out more string and whammos guy peeled off like a seagull diving on a shrimp and gets hung. Up in a sycamore tree. I hope you paid the land kite. I gave him a dollar but he wouldn't stop balling and then his old man come running up and he seemed to take his side prejudiced. Was he definitely. I don't take that stuff from anybody who's father they are that i bust their kids. I walked up to this guy. Says real deadly quiet. Like george raft. I says take off your cold. Buster is your rapidly approaching the world's record for doing too many wrong things in the shortest time demand. Take off his coat did he take it off. I haven't seen the coat. Come off so fascinated rain today. I painted the garage out of that coat. Like he had b.'s. Up his sleeves. See we both catch our death. The cold standing there with our coats often that march when i hopped onto a beer truck. That happened to be passing at the moment. Very dispeat- of you i'm sure. Oh my gosh. i didn't want to beat the guy up in front of his own kid. Well tell me one thing sweetheart and did you get to be such an expert on kite flying in the first place. What do you mean get to be. I always been an expert. I used to fly back. Doria up on top of kickapoo hill heavenly days. Is that but all you boys. We're doing yelling and screaming. All the time up there on kickapoo. He'll sir the best place in the united states for kite flying. I never yet been up on top of kickapoo hill but what there was a big win there. Well i'll say it anyway. I've heard other people say the same thing. I made some of the best and biggest guys that ever flew to. I made one doctor gamble. Nice to see. And how are you today knucklehead. Thanks to the fact that. I never take any medicine. You gimme. i'm fine butcher boy. You wanna see me about something or are you just hiding from the police. I should like to see you. Treat afghan with a little more respect. They say he's one of the finest surgeons in the country in the country. That's quite possible here. In the city is just another. Political with a male owner stethoscope. Just uses that as an excuse to get your coat off. So he's nurse can go through your pockets. Correct me if i'm wrong. That's all correcting you. When you're wrong would be at twenty four hour a day job zebra face. Was i interrupting. Some profound discussion. When i came in. Oh no just telling me one next break. Kite flier boy. That can and i was not only expert atlanta but i was also expert at also making them. That's a lot of bilbo drip lip. Ice-making is a delicate process. You're about his handy with tools as a moose with a flute. Did you ever build a kite. You're buckle ward. Why you leaky little bagpipe. I've made kites that would have you hiding your head under a passing streetcar all year. I suppose you could still build a kite overfly sharpshooter. I could indeed brain. I haven't touched a kite. And forty years but i can still build one fly so many rings around you. You'd be even dizzy than you are. For dole veroni among and john no voice. That's gamble. well my gosh we gotta have some incentive. Well make it for ten dollars then and give it to me. And i'll send it to the national society for crippled children raised jesse vine great was the deadline. Mcgee four o'clock who's got some paper. Let me not me..

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