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She says she was a virgin and everybody applaud her and I was like you the stupidest. Audi Good Dick Iowa. You even hear you there. Why are you here bid took? That's what I was saying to myself. Who? Why are you ain't giving the policy? So I just remember that I always think about that lady every now and then I wanted to. She die from. The black speaker yet black Spiegel this year. She said I have four blown AIDS and she said. She's telling us she still date she only date. People would aid how who thank God for that and it's a felony if you don't tell people. Back then it was back then. Like holiday transmitted now because my first father brother data's elsom scary sheet. Yeah, I! Remember being a kid in the mid nineties. Terrified. So the road that I drive to get to Miss Pat's house, that's where we listened to the Magic Johnson press conference. So every time I drive them pats I. Think about that because we passed this neighborhood on, you know unhappily road and I'm like. Man, I remember thinking Magic Johnson was GonNa die my. It was over for him. How could he play basketball? And what about the cuts like you know? He's Fine Charlie. Sheen's cured like it's. It's challenging Kerr Yeah like he has like zero, the T. Cell Count or whatever it is, he has like nothing like you need to check on my brother because I had a brother witty. One time, and you don't talk to him. Night my brother. Nine brother-in-law codeine. Okay? Yeah, it's a whole another brother, but. He he gets your phone on media. Times what you do, what you do, so I had to block him and I remember what the number was on blocking. And then he will call you like I. Try to make them beat about. Friendship, but no, he will call me was stupid shit like. Everybody else out a mother nickel dime it Carolina million. I don't fuck about. Cook? Literally call and talk to you like you had. I'm like I don't get it okay. I. Don't call you. My diabetes won't be coming back. I WANNA. Know what your fucking teak CEO County. Say. Healthy. Okay. Just in case, he wasn't sure he will tell me every day with a T. Cell Count Wall. At. Even know how he checked his T. Cell count every day I..

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