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I'm john batchelor this is the allow rumour without compal line conference of presidents major american jewish organizations in israel by travelled on el al the national airlines if israel welcome some week passed jared kushner and jason green blat led an embassy a piece embassy to the region to ramallah to talk with a boss and that also to talk in jerusalem with the israeli government a week later we've not heard positive or negative i think the last very diplomatic report we had from uwe that it was struck two or positive is there any more clarity about that conversation with the boss well it seems that the uh the significant step we salute to when we talked about it while ongoing was the very fact that the talks continue and that about backed off of his threats but he is now threatening to renew uh the kind of actions that we have discussed where he talks about a one state solution or will and cooperation at the united nations so he is essentially setting up some sort of a time volume uh deadline even forward the negotiations that is said a pretty short a month to the un general assembly session is two weeks away three weeks away that's one one and a part of it he has a lot at stake in this is well and he continues to get the eighty continues to refuse to stop the payments to terrorist despite the overwhelming nothing almost unanimous condemnation of congress in the threats to cut off aid even european countries cutting off aid and uh we we still don't see the his willingness to to make it change we see the continued incitement the palestinian summer camps and a hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand children gone going military training glorifying the marred quote martyrs the terrorists uh the it's it's uh is this bite all the promises that he made that it would stop you see it still be engaged in by the official uh uh bodies and and what was interesting it was i think green bless uh comments which were really reported just in the last twenty four hours that the pa has to rule costs out that that e camp to have a hamas continuing to expoit gaza and have the meaningful nicole shea shen when a bus does not control this thing but significant part of the oh.

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