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That. And then you have access to it Happening. Live tonight at seven. And then you have access to it all the way until Sunday at 11 pm I'm kept Perkins. I'm here with Monsieur Paul. I am machine And I wanna say thank you again to our presenting sponsors who helped make this all possible. 3 60 painting and Dr Anesthetics. We appreciate you and we appreciate all of our sponsors each and every year and again. I also want to say we appreciate all of our my talk listeners that help us raise this amazing amount of money for the four charities that we had this year did a fantastic job as usual. So thank you very much. That's part of the reason why this is not only fun for everybody and understand that it's also impactful. So we appreciate all the things that we do here in the community. So 10 10 project down and dirty. That is CNN's L. It's amazing, and I have not been here that long. So I was very interested when I was going back and I was looking through. All of the past, project down and dirties that you had. And so I want to go around. We can talk about your favorites, and then we'll go. What was your least favorite? Let's start with positivity. Don't you think so? Let's go. Let's see. We'll start with. Let's go with Laurie and Julia. Because you guys have been here through all of our integration. So Florrie Julia, what was your favorite past project down and dirty? I don't I don't know. I mean, I love the least favorite. And I will just tell you was that mall of America? Yes. That was salary. We will give it back to let's go with negativity. Yes. You gotta start the ball of America was the worst thing that ever happened to you, Charlie. Do everything slow down. Slow down. We have to first. Someone has to set the scene, so we'll come back to you. We'll start never going to talk about model America. First of all, Jason would so later on groundwork. Let everybody know what happened with Project Down and Dirty Mall of America. I'm the wrong person because My hell on earth was rock. Yeah, yeah. You want here, Jason? Would wass okay that I've been here? That's Laurie. My name is Jason. I've been working with you on the morning Show is a morning. So Laurie, my name is Jason Mathis and Lori just because I want everybody to know what it is. Just tell him what the setting was fine and we'll let yet so you don't have to tell him. Why didn't loathe inasmuch as Laurie and Julia. Yeah, well, it was It was year too. And what happened? What happens happens at this place if we this place is I'm in a good mood. But what happens is if they're Bradley slapping every but anyway, But if something works, the bosses they're like, Oh, my goodness. It works. Let's do it every year. Four times The state fair was successful, so they were like, Well, let's do this again. Right in the Mall of America on paper. Seemed like it would be great. It's a Minnesota thing. It's an international travel destination. We they were gonna have us live inside an abandoned store ready at Hardy. So it was skinny and narrow, tight space. But let's be clear. The products weren't in there, Laurie, but sure, but still narrow, Skinny space Narrow skinny. Yes, it was. The stench of D bags remained way. Were there and they didn't because this was your to the Hatton worked out the kinks of how to do project down and dirty, so they thought it would be a great idea to have us sleep. And live and work all in a very small space with only the first When there's no shower? No, no shower. That was the first and last time that happened. Yeah. So that's the year. That was your something, Jason. And so I was working at another radio station at the time, and I didn't know that this was a local station doing this. I actually I could say this now. I actually promoted this event on my radio station. Oh, Did you hear all these guys who are going to be like, You know, he's in the mall. We're going to be living in the mall of the man That was so cool down again, Unprejudiced because I think the bosses thought that people shoppers would come in. They thought it was gonna be like a glass house thing, which someone had done about six months. Before we did this, But the mood is right, Khalid. Yeah, they didn't put us in a glass house. They put us in the store. So what happened was no, honey. They put us in a ring of hell in a ring of people came in like they were shopping and that they would see Julia crawling out from under a comforter. Like what? What is that state and we're like, this is our bedroom. Go holding, hurting back and be like No, Bradley. I know it was a night Mayor. Also bad Marjorie, too. And Emma. This float a Vegas Dante round. Yeah. I remember that which which kind of bothered all bothered every one of us. We were pissed off for like, if we know that was the price after 24 hours, Yeah, and two short years later, they no longer work here. That's years that made it so that you will, because I always think it's interesting What I'm in the building. And there's this tension every year. As much as we love what project down and dirty does for our Immunity, and we know that our listeners like to hear it. There's always this tension on behalf of the staff of what are they going to do to us? And so was that the reason why you're like this is going to be torturously. That's the only thing that they're the only reason why they do it. Is that would set the stage for that. Maybe maybe initially, but that then they got smart, and they realize that we get some talented people, not us, not but and if you put production and then really, I mean, except for the comedy all the production the musical Sorry, Jason, the rock n roll. That was a blast, even though that two day musical was exhausting and everything. It was the last performance ones. They're fun comedy was, I think for a lot of people really fun. That's what we like is having here on audience. Steve is actually still at Mystic Lake, his shoes and nobody has set him down. You say it's Steve White. I said I have one more joke that I'm gonna deliver her when we're project down a dirty comedy. That was my first project down and dirty. And of course, you know, Julian attacked me threw a shoe at me. It was like, okay, I gotta wrap this up. But when I get off off the stage one of the guys from Stevie Ray's just pulled me aside and said, Hey, nice tight. Three man, and I was like, 20 minutes were and get each other like we're done. It's come on. What is he? Tying to do here. National stand up as a professional standard comedian. Can I tell you that, Steve, we hate you Weigh just running the light. You're like, Oh, my gosh. I think that in the almost immediately you can read on We should remind everyone a cz If there are listener like I have been for literally a cz long has he been on the air? Think it started with and Oh, my gosh, I just I absolutely love this time of year and I love you guys do this. But it started. I believe that the RV at the state fair if I'm right, the trail and and and and you bonded over weird sex stories a very long way. None of us liked each other. We didn't know each other and Lori Lex and I, because yeah, the for the six of us clean, Bradley. They you guys run weekends. Right, Kalina, Bradley, and then, right? I and Lori and Julia are the only ones still here and ah, Lori and Julius scared the crap out of us, So Oh, jeez. Always do. Yes. Hashtag hashtag Bethany Frankel. But anyway, way didn't speak until that prod and again, you know, I don't always love these. But we say this every year that when you and Shannon host but it's the truth. Ruth. You can put a bookmark in the history of my talk. And there was a trajectory change on the station after after a ce sex fueled conversation at the Minnesota state flare between Lori and myself, was hysterical was kind of going one member Alexis sprinkled with better in life. At the wine booth. Yeah. This is the kind of stuff that people live for about this and about these stories, and then I'm just going to kind of list him here. So we talked about them All America and then boot camp. The music all restaurant, which I remember very loved. Restaurants are all that was funny. Easy. I have to I remember lived during his housing a week about that. Um And then it moved into rock band, which I was heavily involved in wondering if Russia and two I didn't delete this fun. It was so much fun. It was so much fun..

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