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Pierre thomas miss follow the pattern russia's i've been very active thursday alexa every time there's been a recent controversy quarter when the nfl taken meeting issue which evolved president trump may she's a race immigration and gun violence they tried to intensify the debate last week the nation's top intelligence officials reminded that the russians are still meddling and that they're coming in the two thousand eighteen congressional midterms so this is an ongoing issue another surprise that they would try to take advantage of it horrific tragedy in florida in this case there reports of twitter accounts suspected of ties to russia is pushing articles in videos to exacerbate feelings on each side of the gun control debate the ideas to push stories on both sides of the debate to inflame passions and so to scored is what the justice department calls it information warfare an assault on a very democracy that's abc's pierre thomas president trump tweeted several posts about russia and the obama administration this morning abc's karen travers with the latest president trump riding on twitter this morning quote i have been much tougher on russia than obama just looking for facts but he has yet to impose new sanctions on russia as punishment for interfering in the 2016 election and a possible deterrent from doing it again in this year's midterms congress overwhelmingly passed legislation last summer calling for new sanctions but the trump administration says just the threat of that action has impacted russian military deals president obama did take action against russia at the end of 2016 his administration expelled a 35 russian intelligence operatives and sanction five russian entities and four individuals over its alleged interference in the 2016 election karen travers abc news the white house and today the trump administration introduced a new proposed rule that would allow insurance companies to once again sell lowcost insurance policies for up to a year the plans may be low cost but some may find the coverage lacking here's serena marshall with more from the washington bureau of abc news the trump administration is going to allow the sale of shortterm cheap and less comprehensive health care plans the policies are less expensive because they are not subject to the requirements of the affordable care act like mandating the central health benefits such as emergency maternity are mental health care the administration says they offer affordable alternatives critics say they put consumers at risk by driving.

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