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A lot of but they too are biblical scholars. Who stepped in and school does and david is well. There was some people that were like interesting to hear david You know. Pull the bible when it's convenient yet. He was the one pressuring his non wife to have saying. You mean about the bravest thing right. It's out of convenience so that was those a lot of points were made. He looked like bashed streets. Does that you added okay. So i got a couple of days. I got a couple of things here that i want to point out because last week was a good week in these streets. I'm gonna try to keep it nine political. You know what. I'm saying. Because i got a whole lot of shit i coulda pulled out. Well i'll give you one this This tweet comes from at terra. J. t. e. r. h. j. a. y. Dr tj and. He says the victims of voter fraut the victims of voter fraud. We don't talk about enough. And he accompanied it with a picture from from season to an idol fantasia jennifer hudson and the toyota london. Who we are. They were the trifecta of season. Two of american idol fantasia went on to great heights of success. Jennifer hudson we know oscar-winner academy award winner grammy winner all that And latoya london. Who actually had other successes well to after the show that they was the three best ones and as my next tweet which comes from our boy kirk writes on twitter kirk said kirk quoted. The tweet said every black person in america was pissed. This night pissed. We were in the bottom three so just wanted to give that you know it'll be that and also one other thing i want to mention. I got a lot of comments. this week. Showing love to us for playing. Dj kay swift Baltimore club music and also people from miami hit us up about playing. Dj uncle al. The we like those those those cultural Tunes that really you know resonate with innocent are fine memories of our hometowns growing up and just good blackness so shout out to everybody that that struck a chord with really appreciate it and we don't continue to dance pain away. Thank you bye check. How chairman like literally everyday saints is just the perfect week to be playing. Oh yeah so this week. It's the asante. Smith take over in cold. We have no idea what's about to happen so go ahead and tell us what we getting into this week. Sante oh yeah saw a smile week. But you're kind of want wanted to be my friend back a little bit. I was like. I mean just a little bit but not you know the the contextual way. You didn't get going. Put the research and all you do. I laid out. I wanted to get back to basics. You know what i'm saying because it's a you know we just had the new world we just had the new president elect you know quote unquote new right. That's only you know. It's still such a weird transitional period. Say my president is white. You remember. I can't even remember atkins. Save the tweet in enough time somebody president's wife jo. I was jokes. This fucking week have been imacs. Like people are funny as shit for real. The way that he turned are painted. Joke resuscitated and not cry. Every time it's a good time especially since we dropped episode right on voting day. We haven't really done any politics anyway. This isn't going to be like a heavy political episode. It's going to be more or less like a political wind down slash edit slash forecasting. I just felt like there was a lot of themes time together at once last week. You know taymor thing. Just kind of catapulted me into self care and creatives and then western now west next so i wanted to start with you know just kind of this year. How do you feel about this year. Overall the roller coasters. We take in. I feel like the past couple. Where the past few weeks rather voting voting early was kind of a wild ride in itself. But i wanted to look kinda before that or past that. I guess how you perceive time. I don't know worked. I wanted to kind of take a look. At how how we've done things this year. And how do we think we're going to feel about things next year because it's still kind of murky territory but you still kinda. I still feel like we can give tips on how to navigate these uncharted waters together. Because nobody really has the answers. But i feel like we can provide insight where possible and where necessary so again. What are some of your biggest like wins from this year or things that you really really enjoyed about. Twenty twenty if anything. 'cause i wanna start start in a positive place. I found.

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