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You send a horse oak long you know you're going to have bob that deal with you know that's your that's your Rhode you decide to take you know what's going to be sending something there and it's GonNa be pretty good if you wanna go to Santa Anita running saying he's which hardly anyone ever does you know it's going to be rough out there if you WANNA go if you're at war if your in stream you're going to run in that there would be wealth. You run well all the good sign because that program produces perhaps Watches triple crown finishers over the years so so when you think about all these races it's interesting there vice for by little. I don't say not against anything. I'm not against the days. It was a very good race. I'm not believe me. I'm not saying that. And just saying when we judge coming out of these races where we wanna put horses what happens in the history of the race. That's how Oh hi WanNa rank votes race there that makes more sense no great and they you want I mean he. He leveled out the way he looked like he was getting after he was definitely. Oh and he's a serious We already know from the turf side when if and when he goes back back for now argue owner simone synthetic he gives you. Think factored package if you get a most round out the resume Johnny What else what else? Amongst the particularly the stakes action and and there were also plenty of of maiden races including Tampa that that Fletcher that pleasure maiden winner. Texas swing That one going a mile forty Hasn't gotten a lot of notoriety but got or the square. Figure doing it and keep an eye on on on that one You had the pair of our delicate we're going to talk to Arno When we're done with you at at the bottom of the hour Arna Delacour is GonNa join us and he in Danielson Nielsen Tena? Pairing up with the endeavour wind and the suncoast not a good start to the season for stormy and The that They'll have to regroup Going forward we just talked to Barbara Mitchell. I think I was very disappointed because she almost lets us. Just not look what users Tarantula too short and I know as a trainer Marchesi he's not aggressive getting ready for the first race back. So maybe maybe he thought and good horses. Horses will fool trainers. It happened a lot. Trainers don't want to be too hard on a long year Good orces will do things easily. So they think they're more pets and they actually are so they don't you know they don't push him and then turns out they weren't we thought you had and sometimes it happens in the sea off what that's why pay off layoffs. If you're going to be a good horse the horse player you're going to try and beat a good horse off well the race and sometimes it traded crank them up and sometimes taught trainer. Get School. Think you've gotta fit enough to beat. The competition was GONNA face turns out he was what happened there. She's good she's good. Wait for for the the second outing of the season What we should do before it gets too late to? I want I want to get some reaction from you on the future. Sure Wager numbers and will John. White has got some thoughts to but also let's Talk About Ron Nicoletti. And the Nice job he did and I'm sure he knocked knocked a few people out of beat the host for the looking for the sweep opportunity. Knock out the host now since big week for the host. Run Nicoletti Winner this week. Jeffrey Coleman Hundred seventy to fifty fifty was his total. He gets thousand dollars weekly prize Mar Gravel. The second I think he's a wealthy so he's not coaching now so he's got what time to Play Racist Smart Gravel. I don't know if that's that's real or not. I have no idea fifty dollars. Total seven hundred and fifty. Yeah our Reis. Joseph Piazza one hundred and fifty fifty Two hundred and fifty dollar prize. I just think it's kind of interesting that he he says the same name as coaches at Tennessee. Titans but maybe that is the coaches at Tennessee. Titans you know he was he was in new. We're England come to think of it. He was a player in England and and I remember hearing about him being at the Derby. Can I also remember.

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