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Com Just because you guys started with Patrick Mahomes here, this segment here he was yesterday he was reacting to his monster deal. The 10 year extension. Hey, says he believes the team has now set up, Boomer. You were talking about dynasty while they've got a chance. Things will get handled handled the right way as we go throughout this career, and that we will be in a position to win a lot of football games. Hopefully, when a lot more championships as my career goes on, Yeah, no question. And while he is making a boatload of dough, he says, there's a lot more to this has never been about money to me. Obviously, it's it's awesome, and it's exciting time for me, but same time. I've always just done about being the best person the best player that I could be a personal day, and I just another step, probably with their step on the journey. That's just beginning and I'm just excited that we have this done. And I have that security right, go out there and be the same player that I was on That same person that I was Today. I step generously, and he does seem like the type of kid that's not going to change. Jerry. We have that's this. Think it we had right audio three years ago. It's the same kid and that's it, And that's why the chief's went as long as they did. Because they have been around him. Now they watch how he goes about his business. They've watch him on the field, obviously, but behind the scenes, they get to know who he is. And that's why you invest that kind of money in a player that for that amount of time because you really believe that he's going to be committed to you. And the one thing I said to in the contract that I at least I didn't mention yesterday. $140 million of injury guarantees or something like that. Right? So at least 200 million, OK, so that wasn't gonna have either got a look. When you have money he's made them. You know, I think this is the face of the Empire lead right here. By the way. That's where this kid is most you know, and I don't know they like I said, you know, I don't necessarily know there's anybody out there That doesn't like I know the teams. Probably that have to play against twice a year aren't Crazy about him, but I don't Nobody ever said a bad word about Elway or Marino. You know, they just hated playing against them because they were so great. Sounds about right now. That was about right. Alright to the strong Jackson stuff. We've played it all morning long. This is Jackson on Instagram yesterday, apologizing for the anti Semitic quote that he posted earlier. I've been getting feedback from the Instagram post. You know my story? I just wantto first all the standard apology on behalf of me and what I stand for because this fear never Want to put any breaks down or any people down. Hair was more Jackson with context and how it was taken. No, My post was definitely not intended. Frey anybody of any race to do anything away, especially Jewish community. Yeah. And then he had a final apology in the about a minute 50 that he spoke for about more. Just want you guys to understand that there is coming for me. You know, I just Hopefully everybody respect my pants to try just laid off people, and everybody knows that. Now Steven Jackson did come to his defense. He spoke on social media posted a video of that his initial reaction, so I just read a statement. At the Philadelphia Eagles opposed it. We're going to Sean Jackson communes trying to educate himself, educate people. He's speaking the truth. There was another one from Steven Jackson, comparing the comments and the history to the black community. It is talking about the black race, saying that about it. They killing US police killing us. Treated like racism at all time high, but a none ofyou. NFL owners spoke upon it. Now. Here is where he talks about Riley Cooper's passed with the Eagles and none of you team spoke, spoke upon it. The same team had a receiver to say the word to say publicly and they gave him extension. Now, just one thing here because yesterday, the Eagles released a statement saying that the what Jackson posted was offensive, harmful and absolutely appalling. When Riley Cooper did what he did, they released a statement saying they are shocked, appalled by Cooper's words, this sort of behavior or attitude from anyone. Has no role in a civil society. He is accepted responsibility. He has been fined for his incident right so that that that's what we're saying all morning every time you've played that, that that what Steven Jackson is saying, it's just not true. I mean, he got a contract extension later, but after he was fined after they talked to him about it after the locker room decided on his fate, Michael Vick had his back. They put I mean, a lot of stuff went on there. With Riley Cooper before he ended up getting a contract extension, and I just, you know, leaving that stuff out is extremely irresponsible now. Yeah, I know that that show time. Is the the parent company that does all the smoke, you know, with Steven Jackson and Matt Barnes. You know what? What is Stephen Espinoza do about this. You know, he's they're gonna have to answer to this some point. He's not just a former professional basketball player who's out there with his opinions on stuff. He's also a He's employed by a major media company to do a podcast that has gained a ton off popularity of the last year so that I happen to love But I mean, this is something that you know, just mean not to the extent of the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL needed to respond to the show on Jackson, But I do believe the Stevens checks and, you know, I'm saying not to the level, okay? What the Eagles and the NFL had to do it to Sean Jackson. But I do think that something has to be said from his employer. No Well, I I will say, I will say that it's worse because it Sze doubling down, and it's making inaccurate statements and accusing people of things that they didn't do. Andi, and I think that's dangerous. I think that's really dangerous, and he's out there. I'm like. Look, I sat behind this microphone every day for four hours been doing for 13 years I've been at CBS what for 17.5 years or 18 years now. You know, and I know what it's like to sit in front of a microphone and have to say something and given opinion and how you have to craft it and how you have to say it, and sometimes people don't like it. I get it. But when I heard what Steven Jackson said, and then I heard him, doubling down on it and making misstatements and Making statements that are not factual. It's just it's wrong. It's just absolutely wrong. There. There is a misguided This about the whole thing about what he is talking about. Sure, I mean, it's it's it's irresponsible. The fact that he is putting out things that are false. I just you know, and then I'm not and he has a lot of power right now. He's got it. He's got the the platform and he's and for the most part, he's used it the way that I think I would have used it. If that were my friend that got killed. Yes. Oh, right, 100% and we've agreed with a lot of stuff, he said prior to this, and this is you went off the cliff as we've mentioned, But you know, just as the Eagles are doing something with this and then Sean Jackson is is being talked to and working with the Jewish community in Philadelphia, and he's going to go to the Holocaust Museum and all that stuff. I think that you know, I'm not seeing just caught a guy fire a guy, whatever situation he's in, But is there Is there anything that's being done with with Steven Jackson or people talking to him are what is what is Jeff Kanter would say, What's the guy's name? Well, let's play the next clip one where he talks about the owner from his Big three team. I play for the Big Three. We have a Jewish owner. He understands what we what we stand and some of things we say, But it's not about writing to him is the way we been treated. Philadelphia need to repose this Jeff Kwatinetz is in China, right? I don't. I don't know. I have no idea. I mean, I'd like it stitched too vague for me to put the pieces together, But I mean, like I've said before like that, That's a big I just know that if You know any one of us? Said something like that. You know the immediately Well, there would be someone from management. That would be, you know, talking to us. I just I just want to know wasn't on the podcast. But It was on his own instagram page. So just at 1/4 to 12 last night, he did write this is Steven Jackson, he wrote to whom it may concern your race is pain doesn't hurt more than the next race is pain. Don't act like your hardships or more devastating than ours..

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