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I mean Austin Slater is the nine seed in this bracket so this is I know there's gonna be some day some negative reaction to this and then the other question whatever they come out also is who are your one seat well he did something smart which was you basically just talk and it's a good thing about Bob for this particular scenario it's a good thing about Bob is not there he took before long standing veterans and made them the one seeds so in other words that includes himself B. crawl is the three seed Brandon belt is the four seed busters the Juan Pablo's the two first question if we get him on why are you the higher seeded branded there's no question I'm asking that what is busters name on this on this just buster now let's not go down in the voting well that's for the voting at all what's the name of what the quality is different though because he it's Gerald D. Posey but by the way did you see that on the voting he'd he misspelled my distress get all the voting E. E. road mile yes Dr ski and I don't know if that's on purpose or not did you see that as growth there I know I voted for it already he did fifteen seat is my old yes travesty against eighteen C. Donovan Solano well he's not gonna have any problem beating Solano now I'll vote for mile your Stransky even though you haven't spelled it out as a satellite so Gerald D. Posey three point three percent of the people voted for Wandy Peralta over jail policy Eric there's always somebody in the group is just a jerk right but anyway this will be fun it'll be quick it'll be controversial will be negative at times but it'll be fun but some of the stuff I just threw out I would like to actually pitch this to branded and your ideas to which you can follow a call or text it away it can be R. is is the number okay Crispian amid stock be about fifteen minutes away coming up next it's the most interesting position in the world I'm a sports later you're listening to a mark Willard available now on your Google home smart speaker the city's KNBR one oh four five and six ABC sports.

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