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All right. So to me go. Thank you so much for taking time off. Out of your busy schedule to talk with me today. If a pleasure angle. Thank you so much for having me. I'm really glad to be here. One of the things that I really really wanted to Dig Inn on and learn from you today and have my audience calling from you was just around this concept in this conversation of what it means to really pursue your purpose. We just the name of your business and I think sometimes people mix up passion with purpose with Talent when you with all of these different definitions that are thrown at us all the time. So I think to start let's just get right into it and tell me I do pursue your purpose even come about Okay, so ironically pursue your purpose was not really intended to turn into a business. So okay the way it all started off was I was attending a particular Church many years ago probably almost a decade ago, and I noticed that there seemed to be a place for everyone to exercise their gifts, you know, whether there were a teacher or greeter or singer or musician, you know, there were all these different roles right and the church. Well, I could function in those things but it wasn't really an alignment with what I saw was most gifted in which was actually entrepreneurship and I thought well, what about all these other people who are sitting in the church who are like me where their gifts and their influence their anointing or the grace on their life is dead. Fully operational in the marketplace. So I was one of those people that was more suited to do business and to also raise up other people who were called to do the same thing. So I was just thinking how many more of those people are like me and so at that time I had been a business owner already for close to a decade and I wanted to be able to share my experience and my knowledge, you know just in the community and so I started hosting these meetings first. I asked my former Pastor off if he would allow me to start something some type of business or Marketplace Ministry and he was like sure and call it Kingdom preneur and I was like, okay ma'am. I can roll with that. So what I did was I started hosting monthly meeting in the public library. Right here in St. Louis and I started inviting people out not just people from the church, but also people from the community and it was a small group and people would come out Faithfully every month. They would come out and they would hear about like starting launching growing a business. So that's how I really hone my skills and how I started this because I really started to feel like this was more this would be less than the four walls of that church. And as a result, I started brainstorming one day with a friend and then I came up with this name pursue your purpose because I'm not all of our purpose is going to be like something and really spiritual or something. You know that we might think of when we think of like church or are calling in life is not going to always be something that appears to be spiritual but there are also people who are gifted to do what they're born to do outside of the church in within the marketplace so dead. How the name pursue your purpose was born? So that's interesting. What was your first business to me Co prior to pursue your purpose so prior to pursue your purpose. I I did a quite a few freelancing things today. They called them give entrepreneurs a gig for North where I would act as a consultant. I had also thought cold run a Roofing & Construction company. I was the administrative side of things a cold running that business. I had also found it a Tutoring company that remediated academic deficiencies between K and grades five and math and reading so I thought it was something that I did for a while because I'm really passionate about education and then there was also the past that the particular role that I had that sort of dead. Same way in to pursue your purpose with me actually taking a consultant role as like a small business developer and that came about because I was looking for a job actually at the time and I had just come out of corporate America and I was trying to reinvent myself off instead of looking for a job. I switched gears. It was just a moment where I just decided I don't want to work for anyone else. So there was a particular company that I had approached that was based in Tel Aviv Israel. And I was like, this is a really cool company was a text-based financial planning company, which was in alignment with my skill-set at that time and I am approached one of the founders and I say hey, I really love the concept of the business and I believe that my skills that can fit into what you all are doing. So I sent to my job And he was like great let's talk and then that ultimately led to him offering me a position there and I told him, you know, we'll instead of a position. Why don't we could talk about making me into a consultant and I come on board as one of your Consultants because I had a bigger vision for myself. I thought if I could just get five of these types of client Bots, then I can have my own company and basically exceed whatever salary limit that they had offer and so long story short. They were paying me like a hundred dollars an hour for that role and I couldn't believe it. Actually I was shocked myself and I remember the first phone call number calling my sister saying you not I can't believe this, you know, but I negotiated this like Consulting deal with this company. And so that sort of led me down the path of and what this company needed was they wanted a US presence and they didn't know how to wage. Their business into the US market, so I was basically telling them how to do that and then that open other opportunities for me at that company. But yeah, that's how those are some of the things that I had done prior to launching pursue your purpose.

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