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All that's all. Yeah it's interesting. I'm in general like philosophy one. Oh one you always debate pornography like the debate abortion debate pornography all these different things. I have always been pro pornography. I think it's liberty and Ardennes. Who's GonNa decide what's pornography who's not yet the the porn that is most popular? Is I find disturbing. Yeah I find it to be very violent and aggressive and not even mirroring. What real sex is live? That's the big problem. I think I don't think I mean. Yeah we debate whether porn should be allowed or not. That seems like a different debate than just. Is it healthy? It's not. It's not good for these young brains to be exposed to this non reality of sex. These like juiced up fucking meat heads pounding some eighty pound year old. Yeah Poucher Office. Eighty pound gail so aggressively. Yeah it's a rough well. Even Peggy said something that I thought was so interesting. That Curls Watch A to of course but said girls mainly watch. It almost is like a playbook like this is how I should act during sex. I should make these sounds. I should do this. Which is yeah yeah? I believe that she's right. That probably a lot of girls. Watch it right but I also think in the like Dr Alex. You don't know it turns people on. I think a lot of women. Watch it for stimulation to so. I think it's a little. I guess I always. I always bristle a little bit. When there's some implication that women can't don't do anything on their own accord that it would just be to please? A man feels a little dismissive of like women's agency. I don't even know if it's just a please man. It's it's like this is my role in sex. What it's supposed to look like. This is what I faced. Looks like when you're in that because like I don't think it's about pleasing a guy it's just like well. I guess this is what it's supposed to be. It's the same thing that's happening with the boys of like well. I guess this is what it's supposed to be big dicks lasting a long time and all this other none of that's necessarily true normal or normal at all but I feel girls even just from seeing movies take away. An idea should look like and it. That's not necessarily true right. Never you've never watched pornography right. I know we watched it once in college. Like a bunch of US watched watched Joe. Yeah but I've never watched it seriously now right. You can't imagine it being sexy now. Oh Yeah I have enjoyed it at times but again. It's one of the few anomalies in my kind of addictive personality. Which one is. I can gamble normally doesn't get weird. Yeah and then also pornography of always been able to kind of take it or leave it. Yeah immagination as you said. Oh it's razor-sharp I need very little to go on now when you're masturbating you're fantasizing Do you does the fantasy have to be plausible because for me. It has to be incredibly plausible. Some people like jerk off to like movie stars and stuff. I can't do that or you can. It does not have to be plausible. And it's not even like it's not even like full full.

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