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By Republicans Monmouth university pollster Patrick Murray says a democrat in Blue Wave is building in the northeast region that could be enough to flip control the house of representatives districts are significantly more competitive than they ever have been. And that's why it's so important for people to go out and vote your vote will matter Murray says some of the districts have strong incumbent or long GOP voting histories. So the results are not a done deal. There are reports across the US about long lines malfunctioning machines at polling places, they are especially prevalent in Georgia where some voters say they waited up to three hours to vote some machines altered voter selections. Some registration form said clerical errors. It's local politics at its worst. We have video of the mayor of Dover Morris county screaming at a political rival using some rather colorful language as they canvassed for votes. You can't see James Don in the video of this car carrying out. Carrying Carolyn Blackman and driver for Nando Berrios. Keep going Fernando keep going I said. And Dodd claims he saw Barrio stealing campaign literature from the mailboxes of residents. A sixty four year old Tom's river man who is on a month long trip to Europe is believed to have gone missing in Germany, Duran hell Bronner, president of a halal synagogue returned to Germany after celebrating a former employers twenty-fifth anniversary in Greece. He's been off the grid for two weeks. Now, something he would never do. According to a rabbi at the synagogue, the man suspected of mailing more than a dozen pipebombs, two prominent, Democrats and CNN has been ordered held without bail and New York. Prosecutors told the judge that say out presents a flight risk and is a serious danger to the public say off faces up to fifty years in prison if convicted if you crave the taste of thanksgiving..

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