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S Bureau of the census failed to meet its deadline to report numbers for the current census. What are the implications of that for Illinois? Actually, I think that there that that maybe some good news for Illinois Um you know, the Current administration was trying not to count every person which has been the practice for most of our history in this country, and so, uh, I think when we have the new administration takeover in Joe Biden and Kamila Harris. They may put an end to that pass and make sure that everyone is counted. There may be some, um, accommodations made to try to fix, um, situations or their pockets in the city of Chicago and in deep Southern Illinois. Where, Um, the census count didn't go very well. Um, And so it might actually be helpful in that regard to make sure that everybody's voices are heard and counted and we get A fuller. Um, measure of the resource is we deserve the way it's going to you think we might lose not just one, but two reps in Congress? I certainly hope that's not the case. Um You know, we're all waiting to see what the Census Bureau actually comes up with. In that regard, it's It's still unopened question. I think that would be Terribly, terribly devastating and disappointing, but it's certainly a strong possibility. If you had any advice for Governor Pritzker for 2021. What would it be? Ah, you know, I would say embrace of this moment and, uh, you know, use it to your best opportunity. Um, you know, you have already. Pretty significant defeat with the fair tax going down, and, um So, you know, learn from that that the people want and expect, um more ethical operations and government and use your bully pulpit pulpit to go after those and achieve them. And, uh, you know, give us the fair redistricting that you Campaigned on and give us some changes in the ethics laws boost, Um back up demand. Those kinds of things work with lawmakers to get those things done in past. Early on, and I think it will serve the governor well and serve the people well and actually give him much better footing from which to seek another office or seek reelection. Good luck with that. That's Madeline due back. She leaves change Illinois. One of the public interest groups that's trying to reform state government has always meddling. Thanks for being with us. My pleasure, Bill. Thanks for having me. After a break Our roundtable with Lynn Sweet Ray Long, Greg Hines, friends, Spielman and had this around some of the words that you submitted.

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