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You have anyone who doubted her who said she's too old? We we need new blood in the no, no, no. And we're looking at you Alexandria, Cossio Cortes. Yes. We heard you talking shit on MSNBC. And I was the one wasn't. I I didn't like that that you know, she's not even in the house yet. And she's already trying to come for Nancy Pelosi on my bitch. You better take several seats Alexandria. Yup. And now she's on board. Yes. Of course, she is because you will not deny the pussy power talk about big dick energy, like gossip biggest sick energy, everyone on Capitol Hill that dick she she took the I feel it shouldn't even take the dick out the paints. I feel like she just she's like you Johnny McGovern got a huge huge. She just slapped him right in the face of just slapped him. Yeah. And then when she was then it was done slapping across the face, the balls went and did like a backwash. She is fucking. She's a national treasure issues a mentor. She's a role model. We don't have anyone. No, no. We don't. And she is she truly is. She one hundred percent is and she has been doing this forever. This has been her life's work. I cannot I will not hear anyone talking shit about Nancy bulls ever, don't even try it nodes, don't even try it. So her and Chuck Roldan. Chuck, and Dan Ryan, they do and Chuck Scott is reading glasses on and whatever. And the thing basically Nance does a whole great. It's only twelve minutes. I think you guys should watch it and talking about. I think she's got some pieces that are hair her hair's lustrous, it's shiny Szucs. Yes. She looks great. And the faculties are there. There's an app scissor firing their farms a frontal lobe is intact. Logan. So but now we've because the fax us we are. We're only going to hear from Chuck because basically at the end they do it like a a question to answer. Yes. Sich and the reporters are trying to get Nancy's attention. Right. Well, they also want her to talk shit, and she's also in her big dick way took a big dick out. And was like Chuck do just do it you talk, and then they can try and talk to me, but I'm gonna okay. Wouldn't you the true alpha like the king of the jungle? Yes, he doesn't roam around talking shit. Will you know, exactly he is the shit. He or she will be she the Queen of the jungle. You know, what the the lion s is the one who hunts. That's right. So is it needs to walk around and talk shit. She's not Regina, George. She's like my crown is in place. I have nothing. So they're trying to get her talk shit on Trump. She won't do it. So they have to turn to Chuck who probably had a tear glistening in his is always crying..

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