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For everyone his message was undercut by the fact that he gave his speech well opposition conservative leader Andrew Scheer was on the air conceding defeat aware all mystified here because Justin Trudeau has walked up on the stage and began to speak at the same time as enters your leaving all of us wondering Canadian television anchors like Donna Friesen were visibly stunned to treat a one hundred fifty five seats or more than the conservatives we're gonna listen to him but really this is unprecedented in and I can tell you everyone in the studio is shocked bumping the leader of the opposition off of national television while he concedes defeat is a rough start to reconciliation and Trudeau faces challenges he's still in power but lost twenty one seats across the country and lost the popular vote to the Conservative Party in the liberal stronghold of come back the separatist bloc Quebecois party tripled their number of seats and Judas liberals lost every seat they held in the energy rich western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan many western voters see Trudeau's climate change bite as hurting their livelihoods in the oil and gas sector at his first post election press conference today conservative leader Andrew Scheer warned of troubling times ahead you must be willing to change course to stop his attacks on the energy sector and to recognize that when western Canada succeeds all of Canada succeeds but without a majority of seats in parliament should will now need to rely on the left leaning New Democratic Party to govern and their push for much stronger action on climate change today New Democratic Party leader Jack meet sing spoke of the influence he will now have the results of this election they showed that Canadians I now have a historic opportunity to win and the way they when is this minority government gives us a chance to be able to fight for the things that we've laid out all along this campaign what this means for Trudeau is a much more difficult time governing ahead and a very real chance that another.

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