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You could find him on Twitter at Saks Machine underscored Josh. Josh. Thanks for joining me this morning. How are you? I am doing great. It is sunny and Chicago and the White Sox are playing really good baseball. So at least for this week on the South side, everything is great. That is awesome. That is a sound of a happy, happy baseball fan. Which is awesome. So Josh first question for you, the White Sox and the Cubs, obviously playing this thiss Siri's this weekend, and it actually don't mean something for the first time in a while, Both teams are competing for their division titles. How has that been watching these last two games? Knowing it isn't just about beating the Cubs? It's about being the Cubs and keeping pace in the A L. Central Yeah, that's a good point that you made. I mean, it's been a really long time since both teams have been in postseason contention. While they have played each other in the serious we're talking. Maybe 2008. Was the last time that both of these teams were towards the top of their divisions. And without the fans in the stands. It's been odd watch. But you can tell at least on the enthusiasm and determination from the White Sox part, but these games were really important for them. This is a young team that has the veteran Sprinkle, then that want to win and they really wanted to show after sweeping the Detroit Tigers in four games that they are for real, and I am sure they're aware that they didn't perform well. Against Minnesota and Cree went to start the season and instead of just beating, you know, the teams that are terrible, they want to prove that they can be a good team like the Chicago Cubs and picking up this series that already should really help elevate as far as how they feel about themselves because after today Get two off days on Monday and Thursday, and they play the Pittsburgh Pirates twice and the Kansas City Royals next weekend at home. This is the opportunity for the White Sox to really pad their win total before they have a pretty grueling stretch on the last two weeks of the season, where they faced the Twins read the Indians and the Cubs. Tio ended 2020 season. Right now, Everything seems to be cooking for the White Sox, both on the offense and pitching side and this is the best they have played in a really, really long time. And that has to make the whole fan base. You know, optimistic about where this team is headed. I talked a bit of go about how the White Sox could really turn into kind of the poster child for how to how to complete a rebuild. It hasn't been easy. There's been some lean years there on the South side, but now they have a young core they have supplemented with, you know, Grondahl on Dallas cycle are the White Sox in the goal for it part of the rebuild. Do you think with the acquisitions of a couple of those veterans stars or are they still a year away? If you will? The rebuild ended when they sign Yasmani Grandal that that was the moment that the White Sox decided that they were transitioning because you don't give out the largest free agent contract in team history. Thinking that okay, well in 2020, we're going to just be okay. And then you follow that up by signing Dallas cycle on you trade for Nomar Mazara, and you signed it when coffee onto a one year deal. Wild white socks maybe didn't think of themselves as world. Serious contenders in 2020, with the goal was definitely to be competitive in the American League essential and compete for one of the wild card spots. Obviously, the expectations changed in Major League Baseball decided to go from 5 to 8 playoff teams in the American League and the expectations of South changed, too, with fans because While they may not have been a top five team in American League based on projections for the season, they were definitely stopping. So yeah. Fans are expecting the White Sox to make the post season this year and they have like a three game lead. I believe as 1/7 seed over the eighth seed, so they're in a comfortable position. But now with the way they have been playing, and it's not like the Minnesota Twins are invincible and the Cleveland Indians dealing with their own issues as far as in the clubhouse with Mike Levinger, exactly fact not having them. In the starting rotation. The White Sox are on ly a game back, and they can continue to stay within striking distance here. It does raise the hopes within the fan base. So could this be? Could they finally fulfilled its dark horse process in 2020? Doc the league and win the American League essential when everybody thought it would be the Twins and Indians competing for the division title. Also, hopes are high. Right now, there's still a second half the season left to go in. The White Sox have a lot of games against the Twins and Indians still At least they have put themselves in the position to have this type of conversation where you have to look extra hard at them, and teams have to take them more seriously than they were probably expecting to start this season. Josh Nelson joining me he is the host of the sax machine podcast. You could find him on Twitter at socks machine underscored Josh. And speaking of that optimism. You know how Sox fans felt about the organization through this rebuild process because there's been some lean years. But did the fan base remain optimistic, knowing they get to this point of winning more than losing at some point? I think there are some that were very optimistic. And there were some that were very dour. Let's say we control those gonna work. No rebuild is ever perfect. The White Sox have done a terrific job on the international front, obviously bringing in Louie's Robert the White Sox have done an excellent job as Faras the returns they got from trading Chris Sale and Jose Quintana and Adam eating away. Ah, and they have, you know, rebuild this lives there until core there, And they have done a good job so far with the veteran acquisitions, especially with Alice Cycle and Yasmani Grandal. A draft record, though, is that and they're not getting anything from 15 4016 or 2017 1st round picks and they have four first round picks in that three year stretch, and they're just not getting anything from those first round picks. Now we have to look at Nick Magical. And Andrew von, who were the 18 4019 1st round picks, hoping that the lights have You know that impact homegrown talent that every team wants to get out of there. First round pick now what the White Sox are getting this year. Uh, the diamonds in the rough you're you're mad. Foster's in your Cody Hoyer's and your Danny Mondex. Major League Baseball fans don't really know who these guys are. They probably have never heard of them before, but the three players have been significant contributors. To the Chicago White Sox, with Foster and Hoyer coming out of the bullpen and being incredibly effective and then demanded doing a good job holding his own, replacing the magical A second baseball match. Magical is on the men. Ah, what they separated shoulder and that's where the white socks should get Some credit Esparza player development sticking with these guys that are not first round challenge, but still giving them the opportunity and they're relishing with the opportunity. But right now we're White Sox fans said. I think they're they're happy with how everything has unfolded, and they're hoping that whatever success they get in 2020 really opens up. A playoff detention window because in the hundreds of years of White Sox team history more than a century, this franchise has never made the postseason. And back to back seasons on..

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