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In policy by the federal government towards states with legal recreational marijuana led by attorney general jeff sessions has caused a lot of confusion put in california harbourside suspensory ceos deangelis says he doesn't see federal attorney's going after the marijuana industry i don't think very many us attorney's they're going to take him up on the offer i think that most us attorneys who reside in legal a states have seen that the cannabis reform laws have actually been a benefits public safety not attached remain part of visually became legal in california january 1st deangelis does this more as he's concerned it's business as usual we're not going to to make any changes in the way that we do business as a result of of this of this announcement we already are one hundred percent comply with all of our laws and all all of our regulations and we will continue to do that in colorado where we'd has been legal since 2014 medicine commands andy williams says any changes the step backward for what's been a thriving sector any action against his industry is action against the consumers and and it endangers that because it takes that product back to the black market marijuana's always been here it's now taxed regulated and his safe for consumers free of pesticides in mold mildew in williams says on on a political noted some odd move for administration the substance pro business this industry around the united states has attracted a lot of investment billions of dollars in investment not only privately place but in the public markets as well rescinding the obama era rules has been criticised by some in states with legal marijuana noting both sessions while he was being confirmed and president trump on the campaign trail said they would leave it up to the states meanwhile white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders says the president is just work in to enforce federal laws on the books for the ap unravel friends with rid it thank you for listening to the ap radio network hey did you know that the associated press producers news related books here's what's new in upcoming first pat presidential dogs cats and other cricketers deadly force fiddle confrontations with police the hubble telescope a universe of new discovery and many more visit eight p four books to purchase or visit amazon barnes and noble dot com or ibooks.

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