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Personally might take on. This is that I liked this plan. It is basically the Kansas City plan. It is what the chiefs did with Patrick Mahomes, drafting Mahomes in the first round letting him sit behind the veteran, Alex Smith for a year, then moving on from Smith and giving the job to Mahomes, obviously that has worked out well for the chiefs doesn't necessarily mean that it would work out well for the giants, but it does show that that particular path one where you draft that young quarterback, and you don't necessarily force him onto the field right away is still a viable one into days NFL. I mean, we don't know what kind of quarterback Patrick Mahomes would have been you know, had he been forced to play right away. We'll never know. But you know, we see a lot of these young quarterbacks come into the league right now in two thousand eighteen we saw some of them. Command and play pretty well. That doesn't always happen. It did happen in two thousand eighteen doesn't necessarily mean that a quarterback like twain Haskins could come in and play. Well, right away. If that were to be the case if that were to be what was asked of him in two thousand eighteen I've said multiple times and people who follow big blue view understand that I have always been a supporter of ally. Manning's I believe that there is still a path for ally. Manning to play good football. I think that he showed that the second half of the two thousand eighteen season when the giants played better offense when they protected him better. They averaged, you know, something like twenty seven points per game over their final eight games, which put them in the top ten in the league offensively. And I think that if you can do that if you can play like that, then it's hard to argue that you absolutely need to move on. If you're putting up points in that particular at that particular clip, so I for one I like the idea of manning coming back into. Thousand nineteen I liked the idea of him tutoring or mentoring a young quarterback if the giants can find one it's brutally obvious that the giants need to find that answer as the air apparent as the long term solution for ally. Manning, it looks to me the only real option in free agency is Nick foles in. There's no guarantee that you can get Nick foles. There's no guarantee that Nick foles can be even as good as Eli manning. You know, when you turn when you put him in an offense in a uniform other than that of the Philadelphia Eagles when you look at foles career. I don't believe bolsa's ever been a sixteen game starter. He's never really had success outside of Philadelphia. I see the attraction to Nick foles, I understand the attraction to Nick foles. I get it. I'm just not a hundred percent sold that Nick. Foles can do outside of Philadelphia. What he's done in Philadelphia. So we'll see how all of that plays out. It does appear that the giants are going to to head into two thousand nineteen with Eli manning. You know, now the question is can they identify a young quarterback this draft that they feel like can be the air apparent and will they be in position to to get that quarterback. We'll have to find out once we get to the NFL draft, and everyone will have opinions as to which guy that should be Dwayne Haskins looks like quarterback one in this draft and pretty much every team that wants a quarterback is going to be trying to find a way to get ahead of the giants and get Dwayne Haskins. We'll see if the giants are are convinced enough that Haskins is you know, that guy that they would either take him at six or move up in the draft. To to guarantee that they could get him. You know, we'll see I'm not convinced that they would do that. At this point. We'll get a chance to talk to Dave Gettleman later in the spring, you know, as we get closer to the draft. And and we'll try to feel out what his what his intentions are. Alright giants fans with that said, let's switch gears here quickly, and we will bring in Connor or of Sports Illustrated dot com. What you'll hear.

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