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There's a week later so mad. The the individual in question has been identified as a fifty five year old man from Englewood New Jersey who had a VIP pass for CPAC. This is somebody you know. I do know the person who is Wasn't affected or is it back corona and just to be clear the persons infected is that person ill is. Is he suffering any consequences he is ill yes? Although I don't I don't know how legally appropriate for me to reveal his healthcare challenges but yes. He is not just an isolation because he tested positive. He's in a hospital which we which we did make public which we included in our public announcement that he's a hospital. You're you're in a hospital. 'cause you're getting medical care. That was a few days ago. What is your current information about how that person is doing? I just sent out a tweet is. I'm in regular contact with this patient and with family and He's making steady progress. They feel very optimistic. They're very relieved. So you shook this person's hand at the Combine. Not sure of that. No I don't think I did. It's possible you know I mean it's ten thousand people there. I know Mike you've been there. I make pretty fast progress around that hotel. I'm I'm on the go. The whole time. A lot of sell fees a lot of handshakes and candor a lot of very quick conversations not too many very long conversations to my interaction with him. I described as incidental and think that's accurate and you have not gotten tested. Is that correct? Because you haven't upon advice of the medical community. They believe that attest should only be administered. I if you have the center so all these questions about whether the president hasn't been tested or not or the vice president's been tested or not or off mark with the number of tests that are available With the medical professionals would like is for those tests to be used when someone comes into a doctor's office and says. I have a fever. I have these other symptoms. I need to find out now whether I have it. 'cause I need to find out whether I should restrict my movement you greeted the president at CPAC? You shook his hand neither one of us. Neither one of us have corona. We're fine well. We don't you haven't been tested in. The president hasn't been arrested. Let me be clear about right. Yeah we do know because we know with as much certainty as you can have in life you do realize with medical tests. I'm sure I I know you both. I know you're both of an age. I'M NOT GONNA pick on my. I'm of an age to where you know. Even with tests medical tests the most series of medical tests. There are false positives. Let me let me just put a punctuation on this when my oldest daughter I have five Gotten over very well over the last couple of days when she was first born. The doctor held her in his arms and said she had down syndrome and she does not have it. Doctors make mistakes medical tests make mistakes. It's wrong for us to assume that the test will always be right. There will be some mistakes and tests to see clears form to know whether or not you should be on the road to being concerned about the fact that you have corona. It starts with a temperature spike. At least this is according to the health officials in the state of Maryland and the directive. They gave to all these employees and people in the area. Check your temperature twice a day if you're concerned if it spikes immediately called call your healthcare professionals or the public authorities or call your doctor and then take the next step but if everybody rushes out now if all the ten thousand people from CPAC had immediately rushed to get a test as you all know because this virus his a bit by surprise there probably won't be enough tests for everybody same thing with hospitals. Everybody immediately says Oh my God I have you know an earache. I gotta run to the Emergency Room. The country is going to be in a rough place for those people who really are sick like this person from New Jersey. Well Matt speaking of that. I mean having gone through this yourself. Do you have a sense that by the way I one hundred percent do not have the corona virus but having one hundred percent does not have the current support to keep saying because you said skulduggery the name of your show. I love the show. There's been a lot of poor media performance on the state of my health and the fact that I infected the president in the entire cabinet etc and it's inaccurate. But you took. I guess you would consider prudent actions based on being exposed to someone who did have the corona virus But I know they had it remember. I didn't know I understand that. But subsequently union no he had it either by way I mean this is the way just can work. He didn't know he had it. He actually removed himself from the conference on Friday. As soon as he knew that he was starting to have had he been by the way. Just one quick question on you know when. Somebody's sick in the hospital. You probably don't get all the answers to all the questions. My understanding is that he had not travelled overseas recently and that's not where he was infected. That's my understanding any sense of where he was infected how he contracted it would all be conjecture on my part so what. I was GONNA ask you. Matt is having gone through this process having made the decision to self isolate or however you want to say it. Do you think that we as a as a society are overreacting to this? There is a sense of a kind of a national is cough used. The term. For a national freakout or national hysteria. How do you think you should calibrate it? If you're my mom's age you're eighty years old. She came to CPAC she. You know she was going to have to travel back on an airplane and she did. She said a lot of health challenges. She's on a great health path. Now but you know I would. I could tell she made a bit nervous. My father-in-law's eighty three. He's got a lot of health challenges. He's got kidney problems. I mean this makes those people nervous. That's why I think the five thousand stories that have been written about CPAC mostly to create panic and alarm not all of it but most of it. It's really a disservice. Those people I tell you I'm talking to them on the phone at nauseam because actually they do need to be concerned if you're eighty years old plus maybe even a little younger than that if you do have health issues. You're concerned completely legitimate. The problem is is that because for instance in our case they said well. Our kids shouldn't go to school because they've been near me once you start doing the well. This person was near. That person was near that person. The only health solution to that is for everyone to quarantine. Because I guarantee something fellows you've been exposed to this virus and I'm not a doctor so listen to doctors but this viruses and a lot of places and you didn't just get exposed to it at CPAC matter of fact here's the craziness of it. Eight-pack started when CPAC ended downtown Washington DC. They had two cases that have since been discovered another case during the conference or shortly thereafter from their attendees. They had twenty elected Democrats from Congress. Mike Bloomberg Charles Schumer Jaffrey's lots of Democrats and some Republicans go to the conference can't find story on. It can't find a story. This is the insanity of the media a panic or whatever. The reason that people are writing about CPAC because someone they're contracted the virus. No that's a lie and the president has live. But that's untrue contracted. The virus came to CPAC in later. That was corona. And that's eight pack just so you know if we're GONNA if we're GonNa what's good for goose is good for the Gander. By the way I think APEC is in a very responsible. Job is not aimed at them but the meet the same reporters who live in the same city. Who were badgering me about the fact that I might have acted irresponsibly with one. Case of corona are not covering three cases of corona down the street. We're Democrats assembled and I do think that it. That is very unfortunate. Well one of the reasons for that is. You've gotten a lot of criticism from your fellow conservatives. Who are at CPAC about the way. This was handled right. Hime Qassam urged rational plus said he was academic. Dick to learn this. And let's go through that that's to do you know why we're Heen. Kasane is worried. Well he said he wasn't feeling well after the conference. So what do you do when you don't feel well? Mike? We've just gone through this. You if you have a temperature staying home you go to your doctor right instead. What this gentleman decided to do was take to twitter and induce in near panic. I'm sorry that Rehim was not included on our speaker schedule and I'm sorry that he has a bone to pick with us but using a healthcare moment of where people are worried to use that to try to stick a a stake in. My heart was mistake and other people associated. Look my movement isn't perfect we it's it's it's got a lot of characters in it and I think the conservatives who have acted irresponsibility irrresponsible here. I hold them in the same contempt as I hold reporters who are simply trying to make a big political all reporters fair number but look. I mean that you're blaming the media. You're blaming Democrats a but a you know one of the well. One of the reasons it's driven covered one of the things that's driven this story. Is We have five members of Congress including Senator Ted Cruz. Doug Collins of Georgia the new White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Who have all self quarantined themselves because they attended your conference? Isn't that the story Mike? You're good questions so I'm going to give you good answers okay. Those members are quarantined. We have been going through a exhaustive process of trying to talk to as many people as possible to ascertain who this person might have interacted with. I find it ironic that with the krona virus going all around the country were having these outbreaks or at least people who are infected that. It's the CPAC conference with only one person who has corona that has resulted in lawmakers Quarantining now there is a Democrat lawmakers who would tend to you if you could let me finish. It would be so fantastic. There's one Democrat who is also quarantined herself but you had twenty elected officials. Here's what here's the challenge. I give you. My twenty democratic elected officials went to APEC. They are still within their nine day window when almost all of the viruses are in their incubation this viruses into thinking Bachchan. I can't find a story where any reporter asked Charles Schumer. You went to APEC where there are three cases. How do you know that you didn't have any contact with the person? There's no attempt to find out who these people are ready to say that the the media coverage of this not by all but by most has been Paul in the case of crews for example. He said he knew the individual who was infected and he interacted with that person at the conference. That's an accurate. Nobody knew at the conference who was infected including the person who was infected Ted Cruz new a week later right because I called him that we had found evidence that there had been interaction. So that's when he learned and then he decided in consultation with the attending physician in Congress and his own healthcare professionals to make the statement. He made why. Why did nobody let me ask this question? I think it's important. You have democratic and Republican Law Congressional officials going to a lot of public events and events like APEC where they found three corona cases. All I'm saying is this if the media doesn't WanNa make it seem like this is just a way to bring trump down just follow krona where it leads you. It didn't just lead CPAC alleged APEC. They're in their nine day window. Why don't you ask some of these Republicans and Democrats who went to APEC? How do they know that the protocols were followed in that they didn't have exposure? I think it's a fair question. Let me ask you a broader. That's a fair question. I think it's look. I think there are a lot of questions that need to be asked of a lot of people right now. I don't know that that's top of the list because right country let didn't three three people that have corona. And what you're telling me. You're not gonNA validate the thing. My question that it's fair to ask those twenty-one members have you has anyone communicated to you whether or not you might have had exposure to the three corona cases that were at that conference. I'm getting those calls and I'm answering those calls. How come there are no calls going into a conference that predominantly has Democrats show up? It's just Ri. Didn't pen speak at APEC? Yes one is by. Partisan there's plenty of Republicans who attend APEC Conference Democrat. I my I'll be quiet. Read give me your recollection of the One News Story. That's been written about Corona eight-pack. I will I will be quiet. I wasn't prepared for that particular question but I I knew it doesn't exist I. I'm pretty sure I read stories in Multiple News outlets that APEC attendees had infected the virus. So I'm aware and you saw the intrepid. Follow up questions from members of the media. That would've helped that would force them. Democrat members to also corn tea right. Let Lemme ask you a broader question here because clearly we do have something like a national freak out right now and certainly the two thousand point drop in the. Dow on Monday is is pretty good evidence of that and part of it is. I think you might agree because there is so much distrust of government institutions right now anything. The public is told. They are instinctively a question. No question about in skeptical about and part of that is because we have a president who has fed precisely that sort of fear and paranoia and conspiracy theories that have undermined our trust in public institutions would reject..

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