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Weird character yeahi learned melba was interesting character to play i loved it and what's great about it was iyou could read the script said you and there was never a moment as the writer and may that wanted to change anything and all the way i played the character might have been a little different than what what they originally sought by a you bring your own bits and pieces to it but terms the writing amina as when did it looks to love that obviously goldenglobe there for that in an all kinds of other acclaim accolades was was that experience with fargo instrumental in making you decide to go on in soon after do goliath or was that already in the picture forego absolutely influenced me when i was offered goliaththere's no question i thought while this was a great experience and i love the character goliathsoi thought how lucky amithati get to go into another character and in this format tend to it again ii love every minute of it and what was in doubt goliath in which your we should remind our people haven't yet had a chance said ii'mi've loved it it's your plan guide name billyyeahi'd seen it just for years in interviews you said you were all these kind of intrigued by the idea of playing a lawyer you did it in sort of a cameo in the judge where you are again with duval but what what is it about a playing lawyer that that appeal to you welli think lawyers and actress have a have a rule similarity in all of lawyers kind of have to be actors courtroom lawyers always medic good part for an actor you know for whether a spencertracy or gregorypeck.

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