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Back to 'em out loud joined now by Dylan. Well trump. Mr In radio a podcast host radio broadcaster a dog. Dad's brace yourself you name it. You're doing all you kind of busy right now. Aren't you jack-of-all-trades? Yeah master of none coming off auto club speedway we just had your interview with Adam Stevens and this is going to be something completely different than what we've seen. They got the the new short-track package even though Phoenix a mile in length to give the cars a little more that we were lacking with this package that helped the intermediate tracks. What are we expecting IT PHOENIX? Well I think it was interesting in that interview there with Adam you know. He kind of alluded to the fact that this is new for everybody and that even though even though they have data and things to kind of take into that weekend It's it is going to be very new because of that package so I'm as interested to see as the next guy you know kind of how it races and and you know what we can expect for the championship race. Obviously you know later in November. Yeah Adam said they're all going to be trying some little tricks but you can't afford to completely go off the reservation if you're going to be trying to win this race this weekend. Yeah and that's the balance right. That's that's what makes it difficult as you want to try to be as prepared as you can be for November. But it's only march so you gotta you gotTa take it. You know one race at a time and make sure you can get to the championship. Four and and good way to do that is by having success this coming weekend so interesting you know I. It's you have to find a middle ground somewhere because you don't want to completely put yourself out to lunch But I think there is some value for sure and and trying things and hoping that they play out and pay and pay off or pay off for you come November we had the season opener at Daytona course and denny. Hamlin wins that on a Toyota. But that's an apples and oranges situation. Base those kinds of tracks every week but then Joey Logano goes and wins Vegas. Alex Bowman goes and wins out in California. Are you surprised that the Toyotas haven't been as strong as they closed? Two Thousand Nineteen. I am a little bit and I think it's I think that's that's the comparison right. It is how strong they were in twenty nineteen that they have been quiet this year and probably not up to their standards as a company. So it's interesting because Chevy has kind of made the opposite turn right. They've kind of become. They become a factor again where they really quite frankly. They weren't last year so Camaro. Yeah exactly so it's there's a lot of competition and I think that I think that's good because I think it's gonNA force the Toyota guys to to dig a little deeper and not rest on their laurels. Too much and and figure out how to compete with the Ford and Chevy. So it's great you know. Three different organizations have won races in three different manufacturers in the first three weeks of the year. So competition is a good thing. Is that a little too early for them. To be concerned you think or are we more at the kind of scratch your head a little bit stage. I think it's probably the probably the latter I don't think that You know like you said Daytona is. Its own thing we've been to. Fontana we'd been to Vegas so three different completely different race tracks so I think that they're probably not panicked yet but I think that they They know that they need to step it up for sure. Let's talk about your schedule a little bit. You've got the RIP defense podcast with everybody's favorite heavy Tyler Burnett. What's what's coming up on. Rip The fence here in the next few episodes. Yeah and today. We're actually recording. We've got Buddy kofoed who's a a young racer from California who is kind of starting to To compete in the Mid West mornings racing the national midget series for Keith Kunz. Who of course is produced Christopher Bell and Kyle Larson Rico Abreu? It's sort of like the Hendrick. Yes he keith. Kunz motorsports is the team and Usak midget racing. So buddy is his new driver this year so going to kind of try to introduce him to some fans and people that maybe don't know historian. When do the podcast drop each week? Whenever Tyler at its which changes from week to week so anytime now yeah try to get it out either tonight or tomorrow. Which is Wednesday going to be a good good? Listen for sure. You're racing calendar. What's that look like? You did Chili Bowl your teammates with Christopher Bell in the off season. What's on your calendar for the rest of this year? We're we're working through that right now. I mean as As everybody knows it takes takes money so we're trying to raise yes. We're trying to raise some of that. Our own to put a schedule together to to go back and race with Chad Boat. Which is the team. I raced for last year so hoping have about the same ten racer so schedule definitely cap it off regardless at the start of next year at the Chili Bowl. Where do you see that going? Where do you want it to go? My racing yeah at this point. I think it's honestly just a hobby. You know. Everybody has a goals racecar driver. When you first start you know to to be a professional race car driver that that will always be my dream but I think that has kinda passed for me just because you know. I'm fortunate to have a career in broadcasting in that obviously Takes me away from the dirt tracks on the weekends because I've got to go work work at the big tracks so if I can make a living doing what I'm doing now and still have the opportunity to race. You know five ten times a year. That would be perfect for me speaking of taking away from when you're on the road away from Janet. We mix dog debt earlier. She's even got her own Own Handle what's up with that. Yeah hand and my girlfriend finally caved and made her made her own page. So she's funny. She's she's a full four ball of energy. She's a puppy still so she's eight eight nine months old. Can't get enough attention. Just always wants to Tile Zapping. Tyler is just like. He's a big puppy. Yeah but now she's great and it's it's been it's been a fun adventure for for Hanoi and I to have her and Become dog parents together. So it's it's been fun. What's The instagram handle? It is Super Planet Janice Super Planets that come from I believe West side story is so Hanna. Hanna took it from that Let's talk a little bit about some of the news of the day. The big thing this week. We're testing the next GEN car again. William Byron is behind the wheel. I think this is the fourth overall test of what we're going to see in two thousand twenty one but everybody Kinda went. Whoa WHEN NASCAR said we're GONNA go away from five lug nuts to a single lug nut in the center. I think that impacting well reading release. You know it doesn't sound like fundamentally at the court is going to change the pitstop that much me as a pit reporter. I enjoy hearing the air gun screaming hitting all five lug nuts so I will miss that part of it but I think that NASCAR has done a good job at least on paper of kind of presenting it as a As a good alternative. And Hey the pitstops not gonna look that much different you know it's not going to the choreography similar adage core. It's going to be the same so which I think is good on them for realizing that something that's important to to Nascar fans that they liked that aspect of it so Yeah Big News. You know because it's obviously departure from from everything in the past but it's you're going to change it. Now's the time to do it right. It's all part of this new wave in this new car and to me. It's not as big a deal. Get everybody making it out to me. But that's what twitter. He's GONNA lose their mind. Exactly how important you think. This new car is going to be overall because the goal is to make it more friendly to what manufacturers are selling to consumers in the show rooms and they want certain things because the technology we're using now is based on stuff from the sixties. Yeah well and I think that you know regardless of how the fan the fan has changed over the years. I think there is still a very strong group of manufacturer alliance amongst ask our fans so the more that you can make these cars. You know the more you can make. Chevy's really be Chevy's the more you can make four early before I think that resonates with people It resonates with the manufacturers themselves. Because they you know they probably would much prefer seeing a car. That really looks like their own car out on the race track so I should we spend all this money for something that we don't try and sell exactly so I think there is some value in that for sure so Again KUDOS TO NASCAR because I can only imagine the kind of feedback things that they've gotten from all different corners of the you know the people that are responsible for making these decisions And everything that I've seen so far it looks. Looks like a beautiful racecar. It sounds cool. Looks Cool. I think it's I think it's going to be an exciting exciting time next year And even later this year when this car gets rolled out should take us into a new era for sure. Let's finish up with the schedule for this weekend at Phoenix raceway. What are your duties at the desert? I'll be pit road on Sunday for the Cup race in. I believe in the turn for the extent of the race on Saturday so Love going out there to Phoenix and You know especially this year with the championship being out there. You know as we talked about a lot of emphasis on this on this weekend. Both for the xfinity guys in the Cup guy so fun weekend. We open it up on Friday with. I practiced with Van. Shield five hundred. That comes up at three thirty eastern time Friday afternoon and just as an aside. You've worked the practice shows. What can folks expect from those? Yeah the practice. Shows are a lot of fun for us here at margin because obviously we don't have the visuals so we have to to really Kinda dig in and find things to talk about. So I enjoy him. You know because you sometimes can talk about some things that just over the course of a race on Sunday. Just maybe don't make it on the broadcast because we've got to talk about what's going on the race track so this practice shows are always a lot of fun and the banter between the guys on the pits in the guys upstairs is always entertaining if nothing else especially if you're in the in the in the track yourself when you have a scanner that's half the fun listening to US second practice is also Friday. That's at five thirty eastern time then on Friday night at seven o'clock our first Arca race that's going to be fun and we'll have several of those throughout the season. You follow some of those guys pretty closely. That should be a fun show. Yeah and that'll be. That's an ARC national race. That'll that's a big race for them and excite. You know excited to get to to do some of those races this year. No the Arctic Geyser They always put on a show. And it's it's the future of the sport so it's great that The motor racing network able to kind of showcase. Those guys when they're coming in on the ground floor and then we get to watch them kind of progress through the trucks and Xfinity cars and then you.

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