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You're listening to stress I driven by continental you feel that. I feel a lot better bob extra me see. How I find out what's going on in the MLS maybe this podcast is influenced me a little bit as well loss. Loss everybody up here. Every single day goes into the office into the laboratory. To, try to cook up some great stuff you guys. Share from New York new. York. You are listening to extra time driven by continental from my apartment in bed. Stuy Brooklyn. I'm Andrew We'd be with my partners in Soccer David Gas, Charlie Davies Leagues Cup Shirt I WANNA come to downtown Brooklyn right now Dave Downtown Brooklyn. He's Downtown Jay Street. Whatever you WANNA, call it. Yeah I WANNA come there on a rip off of you and take it for myself. I wish I had that Liebscher it looks like I just take a red eye to Salt Lake City this year at to run to an airport it was a whole thing to earn this survey because. Shirt. The Pink, the Leaves Cup least got by. Miss you. We barely knew you. We barely back it'll be back stronger. I feel I feel that one day I will drop my league McKee's. Combination League and you better believe League Scott Carr that big show for you today a lot of games on Wednesday night. We will kind of make our way through them. Decide what topics matter maybe like I. Don't know his Jordan Morrison. In, decide which don't also talk about Him who's the worst team minimal s it's a competition. We will find out who that is also Dave you spoke to Kelvin Jones, the nucleus breast C.. Academy director give us a fifteen seconds cell and then we'll get into the show just talking about from a coaching point of view what's left to get more players at the level of Geoana and a Weston mckennie and what Columbus is doing as a small market to build players that can compete and we've seen from eight and Morris Sebastian Berhalter. In cates as so often talked to him we talked about access as well for coaches of different backgrounds, minorities, women, and just in general trying to get into coaching..

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