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I'm Steve cave and manhunt over in the foothills outside Denver for an armed Florida woman said to be infatuated with the Columbine school massacre. Casey, NC TV's macro. Shell says the year old is debt. They're not giving any information about kind of what might have led up to this. But they have confirmed. Multiple sources have confirmed with me that this suspect is in fact that the hunt for the woman was enough to be considered a credible threat Columbine high and other schools in that area were closed today keeping half a million kids home a new Trump administration. Order says asylum seekers who enter the country illegally won't be able to avoid detention while they wait for their cases to be heard CBS's. Paula reed. The Trump administration hopes this deters asylum seekers from coming here illegally. Because now if they do they will be detained throughout their proceedings. This new ruling puts an end to the so called. Catch and release policy. So now thous of asylum seekers who would have been out on bond will now be detained and a key policy. Move. The administration says the US will allow lawsuits against foreign companies doing business on property in Cuba that was seized from Americans during the Fidel Castro regime secretary of state, Mike Pompeo today, we're holding the Cuban government accountable for seizing American assets. We're helping those from the regime has robbed get compensation. European Union has complained about the move the US accuses van of helping prop up the Maduro regime in Venezuela. The rector at the fire scarred. Notre Dame said today the cathedral is going to be closed for five to six years Francis. President is aiming to have it open in twenty twenty four and time for the Olympics CBS's Vicki Barker watching the work going on today peering down over the gargoyles of Notre Dame's bell.

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