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Now it's time to crown our big winner let's bring back our finalists nathan name mark who has his own theme song that sounds suspiciously similar to the flintstones theme song and janet wong who does the same thing every morning and always puts her right pant leg on first puzzled her arch on take it away thanks for fear janet a nathan your final round is called menasheh tour each question is about a group of three members i'll name each individual member and you told me their collective name so for example if i said larry moen curley you'd say the three stooges we're going to play this round like a penalty shootout you'll each get the same number of questions that can test scores the most points will be our big winner here we go janet kelly rowland michelle williams and beyond say knowles destiny's child that is correct nathan international man of mystery the spy who shagged me goldmember austin powers moved that's the austin powers trilogy janet diary the edge of reason baby at bridget jones movies that is correct nathan from an alexandria dumas's novel porthos afroz and aramis three seconds and he guesses those were the three musketeers janet from end mckie movie agents played by lucy liu drew barrymore and cameron diaz charlie's angels that is correct nathan blossom bubbles buttercup power puff girls are powerful girls correct now we know you're we'll has janet darrell mcdaniel's jam astor j reverend run run dnc that is right.

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