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Top rated brands like Celean, Sleepy's Plus, Get a Free adjustable base when you spend 6 99 or more Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes. Let's get right back to meteorologist Bob Larson and again we do have some potentially dangerous weather out there. Bomb. Let's run down where the risk zone is right now and the timeline Tornado warning. Laurie continues to 1 30 for north Eastern Western County, northwestern Little Berry County. The storm in question that has already produced or turn a tornado and number of sightings of funnel clouds is centered. You Steve used to bolt moving toward the north and north northwest at 20 MPH. And it continues on that trajectory here, as it's not slowing down at all. Anything is picked up speed. It has not weakened. Still very much active. It's the kind of storm where funnels and tornadoes can briefly touched down and spend back up into the clouds. These tend to be small tornadoes that form Easter tropical systems but dangerous. Nonetheless, some good news to report tracking a couple other storms were southeast of there over the past 30 60 minutes. Most of them said We can considerably in the last 10 minutes or so we do still have some downpours. South of Maynard, but nothing severe. At this point. The study, heavier rain exists over the Western and now central part of the state. Nothing severe there no tornadoes, just rainfall, which is tending to aggravate flooding. That will continue to be the case. I'm afraid as we go through this afternoon. Now that steady rain area will advance eastwards slowly as what's left of on reboot slowly eastward. And we expect that steady of rainfall to move across the city and nearby suburbs tonight of AKI Weathersby Barson WBZ, Boston's news radio and Bob, We'll check back with you in just a few minutes here and I said earlier looking at the skyline. I think the sun's going to pop out and defy expectations. Well, it has In America's hometown. It is now partly sunny in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and 78 degrees a little bit of fog in the Boston area and again that heavy rain is really central through western Massachusetts. However, we're seeing some pop up storms just east of lemon Stir And just north of Marbro and Sudbury and Maynard, Harvard, Mass. This is the area. This is near Berlin, where we saw that tornado touched down earlier, still getting drenched with downpours there. It's 12 56 will continue our storm coverage The remnants of on re creating rotation risk today. Tornadoes on the ground and more high folks that Susan Morning listen to me. Do not live in fear that you are going to lose your house and your money to a nursing home called the Commonwealth Advisory Group at 1 807 051415. The Commonwealth Advisory group helped me and they can help you too. One quick story here. Public school kids in Manchester, New Hampshire will be required to wear masks when schools open on September 2nd. This is part of a four color coded system introduced by school officials. It ranges from blue the least into green, yellow and red. In a statement, school officials say the year will open in the yellow phase because of a substantial risk of.

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