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Become a front running candidate for president even though he's not on the ballot for another two weeks even though he skipped all for all the states a blizzard of nearly four hundred million dollars in advertising accounting as put him in the conversation and the big question now is who wants to be there more is a former can self where the very many Democrats who want to sink their teeth into this billionaire Bernie Sanders already signaling he can't wait to debate Michael Bloomberg and he's not the only one Nevada votes on Saturday Bloomberg is not on the ballot until super Tuesday March third Bloomberg is being criticized for comments he made at a business school four years ago as part of explaining agrarian society he said he could teach anyone to be a farmer a campaign adviser says he was not belittling farmers just making his comments in a historical context Joe Biden meantime places third in this morning's new national poll he's hoping to place at least second in Nevada in the vote enough to help him make it to South Carolina on the twenty ninth Biden finished fourth in Iowa fifth in New Hampshire president trouble be in Vegas tomorrow but tonight he holds a fundraiser in Beverly hills his former national security adviser John Bolton was a Duke in North Carolina last night talking about his new book Fulton did not testify at the impeachment hearings as Democrats had wanted and in this clip he tells why possible legal action branch he was kind of off Mike there he said the threat of possible legal action by the executive branch and he says he hopes his book is not suppressed he says we'll have to see what comes out of the censorship Fulton's book the room where it happened is due to be released next month when Zeus time nine fifty on a Tuesday morning another NYPD officer has taken his own life friends and neighbors many of them and why PD colleagues have been stopping by hugging each other and crying after learning that fifty three year old NYPD detective Paul Federico was found dead of an apparent suicide by hanging sources say he was currently assigned to the police commissioners liaison unit and like many in this neighborhood came from a law enforcement family Sarah is.

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