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And other insurers disco not available in all states or situations your never more than fifteen minutes from the big stories on W. B. B. S. thank you Alan three things to know at eleven fifteen one the NYPD arrested thirty protesters who blocked traffic in Times Square demonstrating against the trump administration immigration policies including the recent string of arrests and raids by ice age into New York City another sanctuary cities targeting families and children to president trump served as grand marshal of the Daytona five hundred today he and president George W. bush for the only sitting presidents to have attended the race rain postponed the action this afternoon it resumes at four PM tomorrow three General Motors has it's pulling out of Australia New Zealand and Thailand as part of its strategy to leave markets that don't produce adequate returns on investments president trump's fiscal twenty twenty one budget proposal includes a major cut to security funding that would eliminate all bomb sniffing dogs Matty assigned to transit hubs like Penn station or wherever needed W. CBS reporter Mike Sugerman heard from new York's senior senator who is fighting back senator Chuck Schumer is growling at the White House by now I'm here today to play the safety pit bull taking on cuts to a leg of the dog the detail you see at airports and Fred that have like Penn station they eliminate all of the viper dog teams we rely on for counter terrorism there are thirty viper dogs visible intermodal prevent and response teams in the New York area nationwide cuts would say fifty nine million dollars these are the specialists these are the P. these are the most highly trained and they're the best and their mobile they're everywhere there would still be TSA dogs just not these ones ready to move on a moment's notice a dog fight Schumer got in two years ago when similar cuts were made but eventually withdrawn after the senator how old in midtown Mike Sugerman WCBS newsradio eight eighty in New Jersey the Shiloh Baptist church on Murray street and Elizabeth one up in flames just hours before Sunday services were scheduled to start the pastor's son William Ingram tell CBS to he awakened to news of the fire I was a actually pretty early as around five AM and my mom sees search is on fire and I couldn't.

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