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Two million dollars. Not anything else. I'm Chris foster. Fox news. President Trump on Twitter and paying the North Korean government for the release of an American prisoner. Fox's John Roberts at the White House early June of twenty seventeen when US officials were over in Pyongyang negotiating the release of Otto warmbier who had been in a coma in a hospital for fifteen months. They were handed by the North Koreans a hospital Bill for two million dollars. Joseph Yoon, who's the State Department Representative was told that if he didn't sign a promissory note to pay the money back that auto warm beer would not be released. We are told by sources that not a dime of that two million dollars has been paid to North Korea by the United States. So in essence the Bill remains outstanding. But it is also not come up in the to negotiations. The President Trump said with Kim Jong warmbier died soon after his return to the United States. President Trump doesn't sound terribly impressed with any of the Democrats competing to run against him live in DC. Fox's Rachel Sutherland. Chris's driving for vice president Joe Biden is a pretty sleepy guy. President Trump told FOX's Sean Hannity. He doesn't think he's up for the job of president. Joe over the years. He's not the brightest lightbulb in the group. I don't think the president said Senator Bernie Sanders has a lot of energy, but that it's misguided and that Senator Kamla Harris has a little bit of a nasty whip. But that might be it. And when it comes in south bend, Indiana, mayor P President Trump said he's pulling for him. But he's not going to make it Chris and Rachel Sutherland in Washington. Ten elementary school students in Stone Mountain Georgia near Atlanta been shot by a pellet gun Rabih gun on the playground. None of them are reported seriously hurt police are investigating a statement. From the school district says the shots appear to have come from a position away from the school grounds ahead of the opening bell. On Wall Street..

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