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Ties into a post Malone in the news today. Once again, my level of hipness is Rather lacking in this area. They're calling Patrick Mahomes, now the half $1,000,000,000 man on he's found himself. Ah, the subject of an interview for G Q magazine. He was in post, Malone was in town in Kansas City and Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelsey that tied him for the Chiefs. They were invited backstage. They all sat down with gentlemen's quarterly That's exactly right and automatically post alone challenged Mahomes and Kelsey to a bear pong game of beer pong. OK, but As this might, you might guess this might happen. Mahomes, Mahomes and Kelsey started winning at beer Pong and Malone got upset, he told his manager. That I need to play these guys until I win. So, Malone's manager said after nine games going into the tent. It was time to start the show. But Malone refused to go on wanting to win a beer pong game before he went on stage. Van. Malone asked Mahomes and Kelsey to sign their names on a piece of paper, telling them if he put their autographs tattooed on his body if they beat him at Beer pong again and his history shown. They certainly did. Alright, it's on his forearm. He has a home says he has a tattoo artist literally backstage in the room with him. Wow and my home, said Dude, you do not actually have to get a tattoo of our autographs. But Malone said a promise abets a bad promise is a promise. And he went ahead and got the tattoo is probably happy to do it pleasantly sort of cool. The ones in his face. Just they're hideous. I don't know anything about this guy. Except lucky is that I thought Post. Malone was a documentary about Ted Danson after he left. Cheers. Yeah, no, not the case did not do as well as Frasier. Possible. Not Ah, a lot of odd, odd celebrity stories today. Shaquille O'Neal pulling over to help being a good Samaritan a superhero and he helped her waiting for the tow truck, I guess makes him even more hot. You know, he is a good thing that it's a good thing that when he helped you didn't have to hit a foul shots that would have trouble. He likes the dunk shot schism. That's his money. Yeah, free throw to get you off the road. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, man Going to be here for a while, is that sports? Well, sort of one more world Record World thie official Weather observing station in Death Valley, California called Furnace Creek. Ah, Evidently, the temperature reached 128 degrees on Sunday that is the hottest temperature anywhere and set did not set the record, though. Or hottest temperature on Earth, Apparently That is 129.2 degrees. Set also in Death Valley in 2013. These are all world records Tom the reason it's called Death Valley. Officially, Officially, the world Records 134 degrees and Death Valley set in 1913 but Climatologist meteorologist whether people are arguing because they they insist that was likely observer error because they say it's impossible for the actual temperature to reach 134 degrees. On the planet Earth. Really? So evidently, I think Josh raises a good point. It's called Death Valley, but only because it wasn't named by a realtor. Yeah, visited by a realtor would be ocean view. Oh, I welcome Welcome to cool Breeze. Valley if they prepared for a new highest temperature to be set any time because the the Southwest and the Lower Plains states are experiencing massive heat wave right now, so that's gonna Goingto happen.

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