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I'm Chelsea handler. And I'm launching a brand new podcast with iheartradio called life will be the death of me. And I'm gonna talk to all these different people, my BFF Mary McCormack. That's what we should call. My book tour the apology, or great idea. Sorry. Everyone on this whole pot should be called. It should be called with the orange because of the orange theme in the book Archie. Glad I went to therapy. Life will be the death of me with. Chelsea handler listening subscribe at apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Ridiculous histories of production of I heart radio. Welcome to the show ridiculous historians. Thanks so much for tuning in peek behind the curtain. It is officially summer in Atlanta, the humidity and the heat combined to drape the city in soup it feels like walking through soup. So I am very, very glad to be here inside our air conditioned. Studio mine is my name is Noah. The shipping container is icy cool today, an outside it is sort of this Meazza, this sort of funk, this patina of awful. Hot sweaty grossness that does kind of invalid the city and it happened overnight. Didn't it? It just happened overnight. Yeah. Permeated permeated this fair metropolis of ours. I always forget about how dire the situation becomes when we hit summer in Atlanta and, you know, this may mean that we're in here recording more episodes. We do wanna start the show with a big shout to our guest, super producer. Ramsey ram gems young, so everybody give him a fine. Hello, do we does he get us out. Sound effect. On a good. Yeah. It was very good. So, like, and of course, this does not mean that we will ever forget, our wonderful the our third amigo. Right. Super producer Casey peg REM. Gone, but not forgotten gone. I say, but gone wear Ben the we were talking about this. So I have a theory every year. So Casey disappears and in France, someone else, reappears, very different person who happens look a little bit like our dear friend Casey, peg room, this guy, we imagine is a member of the criminal underbelly of Paris known. Only by the name liberal. Yeah. And he dons a completely different gap in the form of a very slick looking leather jacket a single dangling cross earring on his left on his left ear. And sometimes he wears fingerless gloves and rides around one of those cool little mod motorbikes in the in the pictures, yet, and we strongly suspect that he may have one or more secret families. It's true. None of us, we cannot confirm or deny any of this. We are widely speculated. It's all true, though, put the pieces together people, we're gonna have to let Casey his day in court here and defend himself. But, you know Casey's night here, we're joined with Ramsey helping us pick up the slack here. He's doing his double life, but that's not the only person that we have on the show today is that's absolutely true. This is a special episode that I know we were both very excited about we have in our network. A brand new podcast, the we're, we're all huge fans of sincerely, huge fans of and it happens to be created by one of our close friends, who you may have heard mentioned on our show or other shows before, folks, let's give it up for Alex Williams. The brains behind the podcast we call them real because that's name of the pie cast. Hi, Alex makes us call it that just by. Chew of having titled it being very good. Thailand, a very fine podcast. Thank you for being here flattering introduction. I'm I'm very happy to be. Here's the thing we've been working with you for quite some time. Now, we've kind of seen you grow and develop and become more and more of a bad ass in with the pros referred to as the podcast space and making the wild gesticulating, quote fingers when I say that you really have to. But here's the thing, you really took it in other level in terms of making not only a history pike cast, but something that I referred to, and I describe it to friends as something akin to, like poetry, meet sound collage meets music concrete meets history. And I think it's just a really beautiful piece of work, and I'm just beyond stoked that it's on our network and that you're the guy behind him. So we'd like to ask you. That was such a good. I don't know if I could pull up that was great. We'll now it is your turn. So we'd like to ask you some questions about if them about your your inspiration behind the first yet with, with that. That excellent description of that, just just resigned. What, how would you describe it? How do you describe it when when someone's like, hey, what's this thing you're working on, I start stammering and sweating? And try to make it as concise as possible is thinking of quick pitch and bed the other night. It's something like. A show about fleeting moments and the things they leave behind. That because that's what is right. As is, is, is sort of remnant of thing that no longer is around. I guess kind of the idea of things being a federal means that they're fleeting or that they're here today gone tomorrow. But they do leave behind some kind of residue if you know where to look, right? Yeah. So the word itself is kind of tricky in the textbook ephemera might just mean paper, right, broadsides tickets pamphlets for museums. Basically, anything printed hand-printed, you know, printing press computer-printed that wasn't meant to be saved. But then it gets into the issue of how do you determine whether something was meant to be saved or not, right? Like, for instance, a train schedule from the early nineteen hundreds now the ones that are around are considered to be things have historical value. Right. But when they were printed, they were thought to have a definitive and very short life span or span of utility, one of the classic examples is the stamp that episode of working on that come on Mondays about the Monday that might not be the Monday, you'll come out on a Monday. They'll come out on Monday. I don't know when this will come out to stamp is really classic. Example. Right. So you've written a letter to your friend know and you've stamped and you've put in the in the mailbox and he gets it. He rips it open and reads the letter, and he's over out with emotion whatever throws out or recycles, the, and that's it, but, but no happens to have great stamp collection, and I've sent him, you know. Inverted Jenny stamp from the nineteen thirties. And so he is over with emotion, because of my great pros because this is a great addition to his stamp collection, because he is a full lettuce or Phillips. How how how it's pronounced HI, L A T I S T one who collect stamps, the route were to fill lettuce. Sorry could also be one who fillets. That's what I would think a fillet. That's how the British pronounced fillet. They pronounce it Filat relay to a hard t- Senate. The end of it, I always find that very interesting because sometimes the Brits seem like they really own the word. Sometimes they just feel like they're mispronouncing just to be cute cute sort of aluminium. Like that's not the word Brits. Come on. It's aluminum, you're adding syllables don't belong his letters added feel. Feel the Merican English to be fair. We can't really criticize the people who are doing it. I that's also fair been if they wanna add an extra p on shop than that's kind of their call yet to answer that question about Amal. It's interesting because it comes from French and Greek so. A Telia means exemption from payment. The French feel means loving, so it's loving exemption from payment, which is weird right now. But it's it makes sense, but then asked me to explain it. Well, a we can learn more about this. What do what did you what are you exploring on this episode concerning stamps? Well, it's not it's all over fourth. You know, one of the things that we're doing is actually taking the word apart in this in this episode. So ephemera comes from. The route where it's epi, meaning honor of EPA, curious epidermis and Hamra meaning day, it's like a Latin Greek combination word and so starts being used by people in, you know, the age of enlightenment, I guess, to describe things that only lasts for a day. The may fly, you know, certain species of plants that flower wither a day. And then, you know, becomes with time more broadly used to describe things that don't last a long time, you know, or fleeting, and that's we start getting into trouble because, like in know the metrics of a human life. Maybe one hundred years at best, something that doesn't last for long means something different than like geologically, right? Like melting polar ice caps or federal at this point, who's that philosopher said all is a fem. How if I never heard that I've never heard of that. Maybe it's maybe it's a flaws for Marcus Aurelius. Okay. There we go. Merel both what remembers what is remembered? There we go. How have I never used that quote for something tagline a hang on the show, where off the bed? I'm full of vaguely remembered one liners from ancient philosophers so ephemeral ephemera by its nature is sometimes a little hard to describe, as is the show. It's not something that you can just encapsulated in a quick elevator pitch. So I put forth that we listened to a little bit of a clip that can then set up a discussion what he say of. Sure, elicited the call your brothers, sir, as a kid, FRANZ, leads father.

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