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McFarland Meadows. Ron Kirby Smart have already joined us. Jamey Chadwell, head coach at Coastal Carolina, Sean declared squad program. They're doing us a little bit. Hey, you can join us, 88 say ESPN or 888 79. 3776 It's like the New York Yankees lineup when they had All those Hall of Famers in a line up at the same time. The murders, Drug Bronx bombers. Make him make on All them get back in the day, Lou Gehrig and Babe Bruce and all them Babe. Ruth. Yeah. Yeah. There you go, man. Perspective, by the way, uh, I'm hearing from a lot of people wanting to make sure Um, that I'm OK from the spotter attack. Our friend Bonnie Bernstein, longtime sports broadcaster professional. Send me a text. You all right? Yeah. And, uh, couple my buddies called, said there wasn't that big. Relax. Like yeah. You didn't see that thing to send it down onto my face. But He's dead. He's no longer with us. But I'm all right. I have I have survived so It was. It was perilous. The last time I was in this truck doing this show from this garage was last fall. And you were in your truck and you were driving down the road going to, uh Chapel Hill or somewhere was going to cover the fighting. Mack Brown Tar Heels against the fighting. Dave Doran Wolf pack that was the hottest dude. Back to like getting caught and swabs shoved up in your brain and everything that we did with covid, right. Wearing ESPN gave us these masks. And they're called e D. R masks. And they're super thick. And so I'm doing that game on sideline and our protocol was we wore the mask on the sideline. And the field level that day. I mean, all the coaches went and changed clothes, too much lighter clothes. Players were falling out because it was so hot. At, uh, Keenan Stadium. And I'm telling you, Dude, I I got in my truck after that game. And I was like, I need navy. It was so damn hot that day it was brutal. Yeah, No, it was, um The eights in the A. C. C. I'm talking. I'm talking with that all time My dad was an official and for two years It was so hot in the A. C C games in September and even October The A. C C officials for a while they had the option to wear shorts. Like as a crew. There's a photograph in our book and the satellites but allows book of My dad and Doug Rhodes a long time a CC coordinated officials and them on the field at Duke. I took a picture of them in their shorts. And this is like 1983 84, So it's not just shorts. It's also white. Ah! Two knee socks. With the short that's pretty cool. It was pretty good. It was, um uh it didn't. It didn't look good, but it was, But to your point, man, how great would it have been? They've gotten worse some shorts on the sideline that day. See, And maybe people don't know this, But when you cover motor sports And access, not motorsports. It's just NASCAR. When you cover NASCAR, you had to wear long pants in the garage. And so you and me..

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