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And our thanks to hover for their support of the Mac power users and olive relay FM? I've I've heard you talk about that before having your kids names to Maine's I've never done that I'm doing it right now. Logged into hover during the ad retail commanding them. You know it's funny. 'CAUSE I didn't. I just told them about it last month. I never really occurred to me, but one of them is in her twenties now. and. I'm think well, wait a second. Why am I paying for this? I'm I'm still paying for it. That's how it goes but the but hey, guess what? I have your name is a domain name. She's like really and it's like I don't know when your kids get older and you can do anything that impresses them. That's a win. You know. And I was lucky enough to get both of them. They got the DOT com they're ready. But I've done it. Also, I mean, this is no longer the address but just kind of empty you tip when people have babies I buy like the first two or three years and I give it to him I don't pay for it for twenty years, but the other two or three years and give it to the parents, and then you know is a little weird giving somebody an obligation, right? But they'll love it. You know they're like, oh. That's amazing and then you know they can go in and pay for it and you know they're dealing with a reputable company. But but yeah, I think it's kind of fun to give somebody their domain name as a as a birthday present. It is cool. Okay enough of that enough Let's talk about more feedback in addition to the other topics covered. We also got feedback on our service and Jonathan had a great idea. He uses RSS Devon think because you can attach RSS Feed Devon think. So why not just capture it in there it's not like a historical RSS, reader but it is Definitely a way to capture feeds An found this blog post that I'm going to put in the show notes kind of walking you through it complete with with screen shots, I think I mentioned this, but I do this for. The PODCASTS ON QUICKLY SEARCH? What things we've talked about on what shows and then I have a few things from. Five twelve pixels wordpress you can do a fee per category so like I have a collection of all of my knowledge base articles of the week because inevitably find something really cool and then find out that I linked to at three years ago. I don't want to repeat myself. As. Yeah. So it is. It is really cool to do this, and you know it just goes into your Devon think database my mind going in html documents and I can just very quickly skimmed them. It's all searchable. So if you have a website that you need to basically have all the data from, this may be a really good way of doing it. No I like I do it to on sparky and I deal with the whole firehose. I mean to the extent my website is a fire hose but the if there's anything that you do regularly. or maybe like your company has a blog and you just want to capture all of that Devon think is definitely I think one of the better solutions for archival stuff. and. Then once you do that, you feed it into the Devon. Thank you know Corpus and then it can do all of its artificial intelligence and everything else with it so. We should've mentioned that it's a cool use of. We have several listener. To one of them I. Thought was interesting from Glenn from Texas said. He'd like to hear segment about maintaining old photos whether it's gaining pictures, negatives or slides. What's the best way to get this done and not break the bank as well as what's the best way to apply Meta data like the date and location? He says I'm sure there's a lot of thousands of photos we'd like to have digitize and what have you guys done. So I can tell you when my when my mom died now about ten years ago the I took, we took a she had pictures but not as many you know as you would think because. She of the generation about two rolls of film a year us. So it wasn't crazy but we had a box of pictures maybe a thousand or so pictures and we sent them off and got them scanned I don't own a good image scanner I'm I'm big document scanners, but I don't I don't have the patience for one of those. You know high end photo scanners you gotta sit there and watch it and I wasn't GonNa do that for two thousand pictures. So we picked a service at the time that was reputable and they did a good job scanning and all those images and we got them back. And I have been slowly over the course of ten years just getting them done. I have a folder in photos called or album called growing up sparks and all those pictures are in there. And I go in there on occasion and sort some of them and tag them and date them. So I have not done at all. Yet I just do it as needed like when I need an old picture of my sister, I'll go through and handled a bunch of pictures of my sister and do the best I can in terms of Meta data and I just put years. And if I don't know the exact year I put like on the you know nineteen sixty or nineteen, sixty, five or nine, hundred, seventy like I know it's like within that five years. And it's not perfect but allows me at least to you know get to some of them. I think you've you've of hit it. This is unfortunately just a pretty manual process. Yes. There are services we ship them everything and they scan for you. Varzi Organization and tagging everything. I don't know of a better way than what you're doing, which is slowly chipping away at it. Now, there are some tricks in photos you can apply tags or location data or data to multiple photos at a time..

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