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This is the news. In brief from the united nations the reopening of the coastal road in libya an important element of the ceasefire agreed between the warring parties. And the country's civil war has been welcomed by un chief antonio guitarfish in a statement released on saturday by the secretary. General's deputy spokesperson farhan. Haq mister guitarist noted that friday's reopening of the crucial cardo was an important and long-awaited development for the people of libya. The un chief highlighted the efforts of the five plus five joint military commission made up of military representatives from both sides of the conflicts. The presidency council libya's head of state body which runs the armed forces and the un recognized government of national unity. Mister guitarist renewed his call to all those involved at a national and international level to ensure the speedy implementation of the october twenty twenty libyan ceasefire agreement and worked together to implement the roadmap towards credible elections which was agreed by representatives from all sections of libyan society during un convened. Talks held in twenty twenty. The coastal road connects the most heavily populated region of libya and had been caught between the cities of misratah and the reopening is expected to make a positive difference to the lives of libyans allowing trade from both sides to resume the un special envoy for syria get paid assen has expressed his concern about an increase in violence in south west syria. A statement released on saturday. On behalf of mr peterson communicated the special envoys coal for all relevant parties to de escalate and underlying the principle that civilians must be protected and international humanitarian law upheld. Mr peterson noted that the increased tension and violence in the southwest illustrates the need for all sides to agree on a nationwide ceasefire in line with security council resolutions in june. The special envoy pointed out that progress towards resolving the brutal ten-year war in syria is unlikely given the gulf of mistrust between the parties and lamented the lack of political advancement during a briefing to the security council. Mr peterson cold for a new international dialogue to achieve a breakthrough and finally the un is encouraging all of us to get moving and literally take part in the race against the climate crisis between the sixteenth and thirty of august uses are being asked to log one hundred minutes of activity from swimming running or cycling on the straw sports app. The campaign has been organized by the un humanitarian office. Orcher with support from elite athletes climate activists and other partners as a show of solidarity with people in the world's most disaster-prone countries and those hit hardest by climate change using the hashtag the human race. The campaign has been timed to coincide with world humanitarian day which takes place on the nineteenth of august this year the day will highlight the immediate human cost of the climate crisis and urge world leaders to take meaningful climate action for the world's most vulnerable. People we run everyday for ourselves said brazilian ultra marathon athlete and environment lawyer. Fernando maceo why not run for something bigger. Everybody should join this campaign because we need compassion. It's time to run together. Anyone unable to take part physically could also sign up to support call to action via the campaign website world humanitarian day dot org connor lennon u. n. news..

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