Juan Lopez, President Trump, ABC discussed on Arizona's Morning News


From ABC news. I'm Brian Clark. Stocks are taking a beating again today at one point the Dow was down around five hundred forty points before bouncing back a bit now down around three hundred thirty chief White House economic adviser. Larry cudlow says stock market selloff has perhaps dampen some of that optimism, but the economy's doing extremely well. But TD Ameritrade chief market strategist JJ looking at things like trade tensions with China says there may be a slowdown in the US economy, which many have said is already starting to happen. A slowdown in general without the tariffs or learning more about the suspect in the deadly rampage Monday at Chicago's mercy hospital Chicago police say thirty two year old gunman Juan Lopez did have a prior relationship with Dr tomorrow O'Neill who was fatally shot in the parking lot beginning this shooting rampage, Chicago police superintendent, Eddie Johnson was asked Lopez had a criminal history. Not that we can can find Lopez died inside of the hospital from a gunshot wound to the head. It's still unclear if. That was the result of police firing him or a self inflicted wound. Ryan burrow, ABC news. Chicago plans by the president to deny asylum to migrants who enter the country illegally have been put on hold by a judge the ACLU and other groups quickly filed a lawsuit after President Trump signed the asylum proclamation saying US law was clear migrants may apply for asylum, regardless of how our where they enter the country and the president can't change that by proclamation. The president said this month that the move was aimed at the migrant caravans heading toward the US southern border. We're not letting them in but they're trying to flood our country. A federal judge in California said the president cannot rewrite immigration laws. ABC's? Karen Travers at the White House. A spokesperson for the attorney representing Ivanka Trump defending her use of a personal Email account for some government business saying no classified information ever went through that account. You're listening to ABC news. Arizona's news station news station. KTAR on air ninety two three FM online at KTAR dot com and streaming live on the KTAR news app. Your breaking news and traffic now. Good morning..

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