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Eight forty seven hundred wwl w. Talking about customer service and whatnot. And I have my issue with my Cape. Well, it's still ongoing. This started. I the internet was acting up last Sunday. This is now Friday, and I'm sure the wires still draped across the sidewalk and the old side of the house. And then the Chuck Ingram is he's gone back and forth with the cable car. I'll get to this Kevin's been holding on for a while. So Kevin and Columbus. Yeah. What's going on? Yeah. My wife was a telephone linemen back in the seventies through the nineties and started when it was still Ma Belle. That they train them a lot. And remember we had the best phone system in the world. While wasn't perfect. It was very reliable. The phone and they come out and fix it. I don't want to say maybe they had to come back sometime, but they did fix it. Not anything like what you're describing network. They barely train them and just put them out there and hope for the best. It's how teams and on top of that your cable what they do if you have a problem your cable and internet, they try to talk to a repair yourself because they don't want to send someone out because that costs them money. And that's how it is today. Well, they can send a signal and boot the box. That's fun. I'd rather have him do that. And sit there waiting for someone to come a day later or half a day later. So I'm fine with them. Do it over the phone. How's that going? They tried that with you two thousand eight going. You haven't tried it this time because it's it's the internet. It's not. They did they would they booth a router, but didn't do anything. So, but we were better when we had a regulated utility now. I know it's free market. That's all great. But what you're having is crappy service in sustain here with cable. I don't care whether it's time order AT and T. It's it's terrible. When something goes wrong and good luck with getting it fixed. That's where we're at today. That's all I got. I'll let you comment. Well, I think if you still had a land line with Cincinnati bell. It's probably just as dependable as it was in the nineteen seventies. Probably cables a completely different completely different beast. Cable should be getting better because of the competition. You have fiber optic you have spectrum. You have Time Warner you have fiber optics. The competition should cause them to get better at competing with each other and the one area to compete, well, price and service or two of them back to Chuck's online chat with the looking for the right cable package here going back and forth. And he has who are you? Good to chat with you face is the person's name Chuck is chatting with online..

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