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Good evening. I'm Ben Parker. Here's what's happening. White House condemning the violence yesterday at the U. S. Capitol in the first briefing on the matter. Press Secretary Kelly Back in 80 today, said protesters who stormed the capital are the opposite of what they stand for. She's also urging unity. More now from ABC. There are increasing calls for President Trump to be removed from office A day after the assault on the U. S. Capitol, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer joining House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on lawmakers from both sides of the aisle, weakest and most effective way to remove this president from office would be for the vice president. To immediately invoked the 25th amendment. Pelosi saying, If that doesn't happen, Congress will begin impeachment proceedings in the days to come. 74 armed New Jersey State troopers are now on duty in Washington, D. C Colonel Lee Side I'm Gonna. Murphy has ordered the deployment of 500, New Jersey National Guard. Citizen soldiers and airmen to the Washington D. C to help the local authorities on a DC National Guard support the security of the national of our nation's capital. In addition, the troopers are guarding the capital, a day after those protestors stormed the building. I'm Dario holding her. ABC News 5 31. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh may very well have a new job shortly. President elect Joe Biden has chosen him to become labor secretary. Earlier today, I spoke to Congressman Stephen Lynch, who says they had just hung up the phone with the mayor to congratulate him couldn't be prouder. Lynch says he has no doubt the president elect. And Mayor Walsh will get along. Well, that would be sees, Lawrie Kirby explains. Those two men go back aways. Marty Walsh is no stranger to labor. He's a former union worker serving as president of laborers local to 23 Before becoming mayor of Boston. He headed up the Boston Building Trades, a union umbrella organization. When Walsh took the oath of office for a second term in 2018. Biden presided over the inauguration. Not only Are they long time friends. They also share something in common. Both have working class roots and both have an Irish American background. Laurie Kirby WBZ Boston's news Radio Boston. Everybody else meantime, today issued a message of hope as he decried yesterday's violence in Washington. Laying the blame on President Trump more on that from WBC's Mike Macklin. Yesterday's violence represents an awful start to the new year in 2021. 2021 still can be and should be a time for healing. It can and still will be a time for whole Boston Bay about he walks called the Violence in Washington, a dark day for democracy that was sickening to watch. But Walsh voiced optimism for the future is president elect Biden is set to be sworn in and his Boston of the nation continue to fight against the coronavirus. We have a new administration in less than two weeks coming into the White House one has committed to a strong recovery from the Corona virus pandemic. More and more people getting vaccinated every day. The light at the end of the tunnel.

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