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You by lybia big data at the speed of business welcome to the second hour of the cost a report dime rebecca causton during the first hour of today's program we had an opportunity to speak with lawyer and entrepreneur mr robert shapiro who you will recall he was a member of o j simpson's dream team and joining me now to discuss that conversation is charles freedman the host of the charles freedman show and veteran news anchor bill graf thank you for joining me gentleman pillow june always good always good well i i'd like to start off with this opioid epidemic because i i couldn't wait to get shapiro on who as you know has been involved in highprofile cases since you know nineteen sixty nine i think is when he uh first past the bar and i wanted to ask him if this is going to shape up to be a tobacco industry type of lawsuit in he thinks that has all the markings of it and i do too i guess that certainly possible if it can be shown that the companies that manufacture these substances were trying to mislead the public and pull the wool over the eyes so to speak there may be that kind of of liability it would be a heck of a thing these are pharmaceutical companies of course who are in the business of attempting to discover cures for some other the maladies that affect people and to the extent that they wind up being hit with giant legal costs and or possible penalties it diverts resources from no so this is this is a mixed blessing you know we were talking about healthcare in a previous program and you mentioned to me rebecca the two might you know my stance about uh you know uh the trying to get everybody to be able to pay the same mounted what not uh had to be offset by the fact that we must have drug companies we we can't really live without them i'm thinking to myself after listening.

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